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  1. Tony really screwed up today. Did nothing on this road trip to quell fears or doubts.
  2. I really hate Vaughn sitting but not even that can kill my hype!! Let’s go!
  3. Lol man this is such a crappy lineup. World Series with a bunch of slap hitters
  4. La Russa said Vaughn will be in the lineup but he’s leaning Leury for LF
  5. Liam Hendriks jumps Keith Foulke and has the 2nd most saves of a Sox player ever with 44.
  6. I know I’m usually optimistic but I agree with this. I hope they make the playoffs but they aren’t a guaranteed playoff team in my sad opinion.
  7. Leave it to the White Sox to do something weird
  8. I have not seen anything concrete to suggest he’s soft. Theatrical? Maybe. But not soft.
  9. I’m glad the Sox did something to address depth. I do hate that they have so many hit or miss guys in the mix.
  10. For some reason I thought Lucroy had an opt out. This is much better if true!
  11. That’s why this makes little sense. I don’t think Lucroy would stay on the taxi squad.
  12. I was thinking the same thing. Years of cheaping out should lead to flexibility to add premium talent when it comes available and add to salary to cover for injuries. With the Sox it leads to neither.
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