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  1. Who from day 3 that are expected to sign for overslot - Shepardson? Pierce George?
  2. White Sox gonna be White Sox. While they landed a top 10 quality kid, the class is incredibly shallow as usual and I suspect they have money left they aren’t going to spend and trade away at some point.
  3. Who do they got to work with besides those two? Eloy is good for 100 games a year at DH, their farm is still middle of the pack, and JR isn’t willing to open up checkbook for high end free agents. Whoever’s taking over has their work cut out for them.
  4. Waiting for Bob to tweet that TLR will be brought in as the head of search committee to fill these roles.
  5. Having their reasons doesn’t make it the right move. Just like they were reasons to trade for Claypool, signing Pringle, or drafting Velus Jones. I hope we could see those reasons translate into on field results soon, I’m not sold on the Poles/Eberflus combo yet, but time will tell here.
  6. Unless they go after one in the draft, they’d have to pay a decent amount even for the next tier tackles.
  7. Hard to imagine Edmund fitting better than Roquan TBH. I’ve read that Eberflus wanted a playmaker and a turnover machine from this position and Edmunds is not that.
  8. Love the Edwards signing but I would have prioritize DL/OL over Edmunds. They pretty much have to go after linemen with the first 3 picks.
  9. They could had Roquan and Edwards for $26.5M AAV (and a high 2nd had they not wasted it on Claypool). Roquan has one more year with slightly higher guarantee. I don’t think at the end it makes material differences where you need burn bridges with a star player who’s building legacy with your franchise. Unless the coaching staff feels that Edwards could anchor the defense better than Roquan.
  10. Roquan got $60M guaranteed. I wonder if that was the number Roquan wanted from the Bears and end up not getting.
  11. It is not incredibly team friendly. I wouldn’t even call it team friendly. WR is one position you get good production immediately from rookie contracts. See 2022 Mooney.
  12. They have a number of holes on the team and meeting the salary floor shouldn’t have been an issue.
  13. I see Moore as more of a good #2. He caught 21 TDs in 5 seasons and Brown caught 23 in just 3 with Titans. Brown is definitely a bigger body guy with better measurements and a legit red zone target. Put it this way, if Bears were to trade the #1 pick and take a $20M cap hit I would expect a chance at a franchise changing defender or a #1 receiver in addition to future picks.
  14. Most of the mock trades had teams paying 20% above the #1 pick trade value for it. This is definitely underwhelming, and Moore’s contract is going to eat into our cap space.
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