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  1. That’s a weird take. MLB is the only sport that gives prep players options to go to college or turn pro. NFL and NBA forces players to go to college. Great players in college basketball turn pro after a year if they think they’re a lottery pick anyways. In facts players have long complained about having to play in college with minimum compensation that now NBA allows prep players to play in the G League for a year and become eligible for draft.
  2. Most of the guys you mentioned are past their prime player and did not rebound elsewhere. So yea, this is mainly a byproduct of targeting low end of the market for bargains, bad scouting and player analytics in general.
  3. The best thing we could hope for is this team continues to slide and becomes sellers at the deadline, makes a few moves to retool, TLR relieved of his duties and we do this again next season.
  4. No, this has been a .500 team for the last 120 games or so now. Great pitching isn’t going to overcome poorly hitting and field and awful lineups and managerial decisions.
  5. I would assume other deals they looked at had them eating money and getting marginal value in return. There is a reason they couldn’t get a deal done until a week before season start.
  6. It was a high risk low reward move. It was done to save face for the disaster of a trade They were a week before the season starts away from being stuck with him. Had Kenley Jansen resigned with Dodgers they’d be screwed. With the $16M I rather they sign someone outright who could stay on the field more so than Pollock.
  7. It seems like he failed at all 4 of the points you mentioned, not sure if you are being serious asking if he could have done more. 1) Wouldn’t have been an issue had they declined his option, or better yet not trade for him… 2) They brought in an injury prone at RF so you could use the injury excuse at the end. 3) Big F. 4) How is this not a failure? Even if you want to use the injury excuse Keuchel was still penciled in as the 5th starter with everyone healthy. That is an absolute failure. 5) Again you used the injury excuse. It’s like no one has seen that one coming. What has Hahn done to add depth to this team?
  8. For once I wholeheartedly agree with Parkman. This is the issue I keep seeing with this board during the off season. People who ignored how bad the off season turned out to be because they somehow believed this core was a lot better they actually have shown and this is easily still a playoff team. Part of it is people were still valuing the players based on their former top 5 or 10 prospect reputation, other part of it is not realizing how good other teams or other players actually are. In reality no one on this team will finish top 10 in MVP voting for one reason or another. Robert and Eloy won’t likely play for than 120 games. Moncada isn’t the 30/30 MVP caliber player we thought he’d be. Vaughn hasn’t yet develop into the middle of the order bat we thought he could be. Madrigal is gone. We have some pretty awesome pitchers but that ain’t enough to carry this dreadful offense. We can blame injuries but that’s always going to be there with this group. It isn’t as if we didn’t see this coming. The Sox basically played .500 baseball since the ASB last year and got embarrassed by the astros in the playoffs. Perhaps the 1st half was an aberration and .500 baseball is what we could expect from this team and this manager.
  9. Also I’ve had Yolbert as a top 5 prospects by midpoint last year. He’s not getting a lot of love from the industry, but I could see him being a Madrigal lite on offense while being more consistent on defense.
  10. Anyone knows Mena’s repertoire or how hard he throws?
  11. Rodon would have replaced Keuchel in the rotation, so a similar comparison would be preferring Haseley over Eloy, which no one is saying, despite Eloy always being injured. I would take chance with Rodon at the cost of QO over Keuchel any day. This wouldn’t be as big of a deal had they not extend the QO but brought in a Gausman or Ray or traded for Montas or Manaea. That would have at least tell me that they recognize the issue with the backend of rotation, they didn’t feel comfortable with Rodon, but brought in someone else to replace him. But the fact that they let Rodon go for nothing (not even a QO) and then did nothing to strengthen the rotation just makes this a more and more silly decision with each passing day.
  12. Fans have every right to be upset with the organization for making mistakes. Fan opinion of how terrible the Bulls are run is part of the reason why GarPax is no longer with the team. If it’s up to JR, GarPax would have a job for life with the Bulls.
  13. Enough with this crap. You’ve been carrying water this whole thread about Sox not needing Rodon, and now it’s becoming the team wasn’t as good as you think and the FO made a huge mistake to not bring him back and now you backtracking to say that fans shouldn’t follow the team if they are critical and want call out the team for their fuckups? Give me a fucking break. If you want to be a fair weather fan like you do with the Blackhawks so be it, but don’t ride on your high horse when people are calling out the organization when they make mistakes. This shit about not following the team if you don’t agree with their front office is so played out.
  14. When you job is secured no matter what, why not keep making dumb lineup decisions just to troll the fans?
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