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  1. I'm sure they're all jealous of other teams getting Labor Day off, but since they haven't actually worked all year, they can put their time in and sleepwalk through another game.
  2. We will never see this team fully realized over an extended length of time. One gut punch after another.
  3. If a Sox player made the play Straw did, they’d be out three months. Fun to watch decent baseball, not fun it’s not ever from us.
  4. I’m a school psychologist, I’m positive they have a learning disability and need intense interventions.
  5. This is getting me out of my lurker mode! I was on the Harper train more at the beginning of the offseason, but you can’t understate the importance of landing one of these two. I hope we are partying like it’s 2005 again soon!
  6. Can't make it out there today, but I'd like to know if they are selling those sweet spring training jerseys, haven't seen them online and I'd love to pick one up when I get out there.
  7. QUOTE (docsox24 @ Jul 18, 2010 -> 09:28 PM) yeah they are already at the draft how many episodes are there? Inside The Sox blog says there's six episodes, so five to go. Filming ends July 31 too.
  8. QUOTE (WilliamTell @ Oct 3, 2008 -> 07:54 PM) I wonder what our record is when CB Buckner is umping home plate. Someone really needs to keep stats for stuff like this next year. Along with no name pitchers who shut the Sox down, games they should've won but blew somehow, etc.
  9. I don't understand these guys, but I accept it. Hard to think they'll magically flip a switch at this point.
  10. QUOTE (Reddy @ Oct 3, 2008 -> 07:30 PM) i'm in GO!!
  11. Maybe if we all do a collective shot right now we can give this offense some good karma. I'm pouring mine now.
  12. Nice start AJ! Wasn't sure he got all of that. 1-0!
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