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  1. Don't forget Clevinger unless some other team decides to actually sign him next off season before the Sox do.
  2. So your idea of a dumb idea is that it's worth watching a guy play who is injured a lot so you can't watch him play so you can be entertained when he's not injured on a bad team until he gets hurt again . Got it. Very sound logic.
  3. Because it's the only plan we got. JR is running this dog and pony show. He slashed payroll like Sweeney Todd and told Getz Here's Lookin' At You Kid ,build me a winner but don't call it a rebuild, let's pretend we can get it done quickly this time. I'll give you more money next year.Wink Wink nudge nudge !
  4. Ha here we go again. The obligatory optimistic thread after a good last outing from him. Ok look I'm pretty sure I've been out in front of the whole Getz plan to try to get trade value for his short term pitching acquisitions and oft injured position players at the deadline since it became apparent JR was drastically cutting salary and Getz had very little money to work with. I've said it wasn't much of a plan since he was picking up a bunch of rejects for cheap and some relief pitchers but Bannister could help. So far so good but it's not even May yet . I realize we're Desperately Seeking Susan here, a shred of hope that the Sox won't suck for the next 10 years. If he gets blown up in his next start he'll be a bum again. But yes I want that plan to be able to get more prospects but Robert, Moncada and Eloy were also part of that plan and oops been blown to smithereens in a few weeks.
  5. Don't start this all over again. It'll become another Dylan Cease is worth a truckload of prospects thing runaway train thread. Cease was the opposite of Robert regarding health and that helped the Sox get what they did for him but I believe you were one of the most disappointed with the return. Sox fans couldn't get it through their thick skulls after hearing talk from Rosenthal that Cease was worth a " haul" that he actually wasn't. His 2023 season hurt his trade value as did his lack of a long track record hurt, Jerry Reinsdorf cutting salary and throwing too many pitches to get through 5 or 6 innings like Snell. Robert Jr. has had 1 full season of excellence. He's hardly a model of consistency and we're bandying about labeling him a superstar . Please get real Stanton was a superstar ,Robert is not.
  6. While he collects $20M a year like Moncada ? How is that working out ? Moncada had 2019 Luis Robert had 2023 .I see a lot of similarities. Comparing Robert to Stanton is a joke. He's Moncada without the hate for being too casual and a music video.
  7. Thank you. Sanity prevails. I thought we were about to go on the whole Dylan Cease is worth 3+ of the Orioles best prospects crusade again led by the give me all the left handed savages.
  8. His injuries do significantly diminish his value.
  9. I know it's part of St Rita now. My class had the only 2 professional athletes to come from Quigley South although no one would recognize their names.
  10. It didn't tail off. That would it mean it started as a strike and then went outside from a RHP like on a change up. It looked like a curve that started outside , that didn't have much bite towards the plate. As someone else said it wasn't a strike the whole way to the plate and it didn't finish as a strike.
  11. It's more the lows I block out which are plentiful because I don't want to feel bad or be in a bad mood because my favorite team in sports is doing poorly. We all want to feel happier when our team is playing well but even then I tell myself that a championship is a rarity . So yes I do it on both sides but more to limit the lows. I remember I wrote a post after the 2005 World Series win that was about my relatives and past generations who were still alive that they finally got a chance to experience that high that comes with winning a championship. No doubt that feeling is exhilarating but as I said I try not to be an overly emotional fan . I like cookies as much as anyone but I no longer cry when I can't have one .I just try to look for the more positive outcomes or look for the positives in prospects but I temper those expectations also knowing it's a game of adjustments and has a steep learning curve. I always hold out hope that something eventually is discovered by a player like Sheets to make him a better hitter. I don't think you will find too many posts from me saying a young player is what he is like we see with Sheets and saw with Burger . I even supported the trade of Steele Walker for Nomar Mazara who was only 24 at the time and had some promise with early success in his career. I know it's much easier to put your faith in a minor leaguer than to look at someone like Mazara who was only 24 at the time but his progress stalled out at an early age in MLB. Chances are when you say a player is who he is you will be right but there are always exceptions to expected outcomes. I choose to keep hope alive rather than "burn it all down" . Despite my initial reservations about Vaughn having any potential as an outfielder because of his lack of speed. I was still hoping for him to break out at a hitter last off season. I still hoped that Eloy and Robert would stay healthy and fulfill their promise. But on the other hand Id say Robert was not too valuable to trade because no team could afford to trade as many prospects as it would take to acquire him which was a popular opinion in his lone season of excellence last year here on Soxtalk. I wanted to temper those type of expectations knowing that he hasn't been able to stay healthy. Same thing for those thinking Cease was worth more than than they got for him . There was no way JR was going to risk him getting hurt going into the season. If I could figure that out so could other GMs and it took a maverick GM to finally make the Sox an offer that pleased JR enough to trade him just prior to opening the season. Most GMs saw him more for his 2023 season than his 2022 season or viewed him in the same way as they viewed Blake Snell. I like to hope for the best but I don't fool myself into thinking things are better than they really are. I know JRs history and it's never come close to sustained success that resulted in any period of time of more than 2 playoff appearances in any 10 year period.
  12. On this team of the elderly and castoffs I would have to admit that Maldonado has contributed less than zero on the diamond to winning. His expiration date has past.Theres really no reason to keep him. Pay him a coach's salary if you want his expertise as a tutor to young pitchers and catchers. It's easy for Getz to cycle through young players and sign guys to minor league deals. It's much harder to admit you made a $4M dollar mistake. But at least it wasn't a $75M mistake. But it's a doubleheader so I suppose you can't play the same catcher in both games. I'm seriously thinking Chuckie Robinson is a better choice now. Won't make much of a difference but incremental minor changes results can improve things slightly. At this point Getz should be thinking about avoiding 110 losses. Maldonado hasn't exactly fit into his plan of better defense.
  13. Haha good one. I was born and raised in Chicago on the SW side I was raised Catholic and went to a Catholic Seminary HS. I just can't forget that spirituality is still a part of every day life. Im a huge Sox fan .I played a lot of sports. Follow the Bears, Bulls, Hawks. Love baseball more than the other sports but still thanks to the internet and I tune into the CHGO shows that cover the Sox. I like Vinnie Duber and instead of bringing talk of darkening my soul into the conversation perhaps I can liken how I feel to a sports journalist. Duber is a Sox fan and a journalist who has media credentials. He has to cover the team and try to remain objective. He can't be overly critical of the Sox, especially Reinsdorf, if he wants to keep getting into games for free as a member of the media. As far as I can tell there isn't a single member of the media wishing for the downfall of the franchise because that is an emotional response not an objective one. White Sox fans have been through this in the past. We are not the 1st generation of fans to see the Sox suck. We are also not the only fans to follow a franchise that cannot compete due to ownership claiming they can't afford it. Wishing for the White Sox or Reinsdorf to be embarrassed or publicly humiliated accomplishes nothing unless you want to have the Chicago White Sox become a memory like the Chicago Cardinals in football. Like a media member I chhose to remain objective and keep my emotions out of it. If anyone here thinks they know me from my past 20 years posting here it's that I try really hard not to view things as a fan even though I am one. Just because Vaughn was a very high draft pick I was not hurt when he became less than was expected from him. But wow in the beginning when the fans were putting all their hopes of glory into Vaughn being an elite bat you could not look at him objectively and voice your opinion without scathing responses from Sox fans on here .Most of the responses are based on the perceived notion that I know nothing because the majority opinion was he's the greatest thing ever. When you're a fan of a terrible sports team for 50 years you just realize you can't let your fandom ruin your day or even ruin your mood while you're watching the game especially if you're the kind of fan yelling at the TV and having temper tantrums because you have money on the game especially if that behavior is around your children .What are you teaching them exactly by behaving in that way ? There are a lot of casual fans especially women who rarely post on fan forums like this. As far as I know we have one and she sometimes expresses her doubts about Colson Montgomery and gets a fair amount of grief for it. Forums like these are not for the faint of heart or for the casual fans or who don't put their heart and SOUL into all things White Sox. If you take your emotions out of the equation it becomes much easier . I'm very critical of Reinsdorf every chance I get. From the beginning of the rebuild I always felt it had very little chance of resulting in a championship or multiple championships or even an extended period of high level of competitiveness. Anyone who has followed how Reinsdorf has operated as Chairman of the Board should have tempered their expectations of "sustained success". Now it's like a lightbulb has suddenly been turned on for some fans but still I remind them that it's not Getz or Grifol or Hahn or player development that has led to the current state of affairs , it's Reinsdorf, just as it was Charles Comiskey or Bill Veeck or other owners who either couldn't afford or claimed not to have the resources to field a competitive team . But they are still butt hurt about it. You promised me sustained success you lied to me.I hate you. This year is the 30th anniversary of the 1994 White Sox a team that could've won the World Series. Who was the biggest obstacle in baseball for that not happening ? Jerry Reinsdorf whose anti-labor stances led directly to the strike that cancelled the 1994 World Series. Now baseball has made a ridiculous anti tanking rule to limit having bad teams get high draft choices . Why not just have a draft lottery like basketball and hockey ? Bad teams still should have a shot at the best draft picks. Drafting and developing well is the only way poor teams can actually compete. The Orioles are where they are now because of it. Houston's had a nice run. Arizona has made it work for them. Tampa Bay has also although it hasn't resulted in any Championships. Arizona came close last year after drafting well. Reinsdorf certainly has more resources than TB but his problem is he has no interest in building an infrastructure of excellence through drafting and development. He never has. I'm semi sure Reinsdorf runs the Sox in a way he thinks is best to keep them in Chicago and prevent them from leaving the city like his beloved Brooklyn Dodgers did . But maybe it's just about lining the pockets of himself and his heirs and the investors .You'd think somewhere in his 45 years as an owner he would have realized his approach was not conducive to sustained success but they won in 2005 so maybe he became convinced his way was best. The Brooklyn Dodgers were also a 2nd rate team in a time when NY had the Yankees and the NY Giants and 2 of those team moved to California. Perhaps it's inevitable that the Chicago White Sox become a memory .
  14. Look if u wish to have a philosophical or moral based debate on cheering for your favorite team find another taker. Everyone who is on the playing field accepts there are winners and losers and those who have more talent win more often. I cannot control what the franchise does so I am not angry because I can't control that situation . Just because it's my favorite team and they are terrible is no reason to wish for it's destruction. They aren't doing anything to us. They are just a poorly run business. It's spite for no real reason. It's your prerogative as a consumer not to buy their product. Winning is fun and makes u feel good and losing is not fun and makes you feel bad or sad but it's like a baby cries when it can't have a cookie when it wants one. I want to cheer for a good team and you suck now and I want you to look stupid because you made me feel bad . Winning and cheering for a good team is the cookie and now you're not getting it. It's childish and self centered. Let it go. You have no control. That is all. I realize no one likes to be lectured but it's more a philosophy of how to feel more serene . I'm not perfect I have frailties but if they truly are your favorite team you'll be back when they get good again or not . I will not be debating this because theres nothing to debate. You either take good advice or you keep spitting into the wind and getting it blown right back in your face. Be kind, rewind your soul. We need to think more , take a few deep breaths and realize our feelings are not the center of the universe.
  15. . You have a favorite team. You want it to win and you want other teams to lose when they play your team. I think there's a difference between dislike and hate. I don't see the point of hate. It's a popular word that's lost it's true meaning. Hate is an ugly foul thing.
  16. Define something bad. In a sports contest it's accepted that there will be a winner and a loser. Are you comparing sports competition with wishing the whole franchise falls apart ? I really see no connection at all.
  17. The OP asked is it wrong. From a morality point of view I don't thin it's right that's for sure. We should never wish bad things to happen to one another. It darkens the soul.
  18. It's accuracy is not a bullseye. I will forever and always point out that the director of player development is JR. He is also the GM, not that he makes draft choices or make trades. He has been known to make suggestions during drafts like any fan would but when you are the COB you just might give his opinion more value if you value his loyalty. He makes the budgets that don't allow those in charge to be the best people for the job nor do they have the number of people they need nor the most modern technology. These things have to be forever in your mind along with ,of course ,that all the same things apply to international spending where JR rules govern what happens even more when you don't use the DR to it's full advantage for 40 years.
  19. I don't understand your compulsion to not add to the argument on either side but to comment on other posters fragility or lack of toughness. You do this constantly. Did your daddy beat you as a child and tell you to stop being a crybaby and toughen up and be a real man while he beat your mother ? You want people to show sensitivity on social issues but that doesn't seem to line up with your constant harassment of those you perceive as too sensitive. You can't pretend to have big heart towards others while berating others over nothing. You either have kindness in your heart or you don't.
  20. I don't get the love affair about having guys ready for the next good Sox team. No one knows when that will be. By you're argument if Eder is struggling in 1.5 years on a bad Sox team they should trade him for another injured prospect ? It's fine you like Eder but he may not be good enough and if he is good enough there's no guarantee that the Sox will be a good team in his tenure with them. He'll be 30 in 5 years. When do you expect the Sox to be above .500 again ? You know you can still be a bad team with plenty of good players on it. Look at the Angels with multiple years of having Ohtani and Trout. Those 2 are superstars and they had other good players but to be a good team you need 20 good players and depth behind those 20. Your MLB team isn't going to get good any time soon trading 27 year old MLB talent for 24 year old injured minor league talent very often.
  21. If the Sox had got any takers for Eloy it might have made getting Busch a possibility. Easy to pine for him now that he's doing good when he was an older prospect who had shown very little defensive and offensively in his brief trials with the Dodgers.
  22. Mainly because he was a DH and 1st baseman and the Sox have team full of them
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