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  1. Ok but what if they draft him as a center fielder
  2. For real, the only reason the Sox don't have Witt is cause the Royals were slightly worse.
  3. Hell, he had success starting in 2022. Then he died.
  4. Everyone in this argument is correct. Orioles getting high draft picks helps tremendously. Adley was the most slam dunk #1 ever. Getting Competitive Balance picks is a fucking cheat code in the MLB draft. It's like @bmags once said, you'll see all these teams get high praise post-draft and be like "how did they get so many steals?" Oh, it's cause they get so much extra bonus money. Imagine if the Sox could shift money around to get an extra Wolkow every year. The Sox were bad at drafting pre-Shirley. Crochet's a hit, now hopefully Colson and Schultz hit and depth lands.
  5. That's certainly one way to get a Top 6 pick next year.
  6. The best part is that Crochet should hypothetically boost Fedde's value. Teams want Crochet but the price is too high, well, they can start negotiating down to Fedde. And if one of them is off the market, the other becomes more valuable.
  7. I'm personally OK with the Cubs springing to life until July 31, then collapsing again.
  8. If anything helps with selling Vaughn, it's that since June 1st, he's in the Top 6 for average, OBP, slugging and wRC+ for first basemen.
  9. Also, obvious fluff quotes from a coach, but: Legit question cause I have no idea how/if it's possible to find these stats for college ball: Do we know how to find what a batter's chase rate is on specific counts? Cause that could explain the low K% but high chase rate.
  10. I used to think this. But now? I don't know.
  11. That's 100% how it should be. I initially read this as they'd be the only two guys they'd trade and was very confused.
  12. After listening to Joe Doyle on CHGO, he gushed about Cags' ability to expand the zone and avoid striking out (9% K-rate). Is this expected to explode in the majors? Obviously quality of competition goes up, but he basically cut his strikeouts in half this year while tripling his walks. That indicates that he got a lot choosier?
  13. He's had some big blasts this year, but I guess if we're going off small sample sizes we can say that Gavin Sheets had a similar profile for a while since he had very limited in game power early in his career.
  14. If you ignore every single aspect about their profiles except "up the middle infielder" and "Harold does not like them," sure.
  15. Much like Carl Everett, I don't believe your defense of him is valid 😤
  16. This is a good way of glazing over the domestic abuse, the homophobia, the moon landing denial, holding a gun against his wife's head and witness tampering. But sure, right way or whatever.
  17. And you would want Carl Everett around prospects?
  18. Hannah Montana led a successful double life as a superstar. Tony died on a mound of cocaine. So basically, Moncada or Esteban Loaiza.
  19. If Condon is there, please God, take him.
  20. Jason critics: He's a cornball that eats food. Replace him! Monkey's paw curls.
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