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  1. Cohen is also competing for a casino license. Which would go right by Citi Field. So if the Mets are good and foot traffic is heavy, he profits. Edit: Jerry could also follow the simple formula of good team + invest in infrastructure / entertainment around stadium besides parking = profit, but, no.
  2. Some dudes in 2019. Swanson isn't as good as them, but he's not gonna look as pricey in a few years, like how Harper looks real affordable now.
  3. Bryan Ramos feels like a guy Oakland would turn into a star just because it would cause us pain.
  4. I mean at that point you do just trade Cease because you can get an absolutely stupid offer.
  5. We all know you have it saved somewhere Balta. DO IT.
  6. Jerry and TLR mad that TA and Gio were consulted first about the City Connect jerseys.
  7. Pretty sure TLR was one of the highest paid managers, so not everyone.
  8. Why do I feel like this is all going to unfold in a lengthy, 20 minute read by James Fegan about how fallout from Yermin's 3-0 home run caused an irreparable fissure in the clubhouse that festered and continued to grow until things just completely fell apart.
  9. Split this off because we'll be talking about it well past the Winter Meetings.
  10. Even if he has, that's the biggest middle finger to the fanbase possible after letting Abreu walk.
  11. In this scenario, Pedro Grifol gets to remove TLR's HoF plaque.
  12. Whenever I think of Benintendi I think of that Juan Pierre-esque throw he had against the Sox. Didn't he somehow still get the runner?
  13. I know we said this, but they're probably slightly more confident.
  14. Defensively I could find myself resting easy with this. Also all the bombs.
  15. Oh God I went and looked. What the f*** is that font?
  16. Go look up some texts your friends might get from MLMs. The winter meetings have ruined my sanity.
  17. Last time we took the Tigers scraps we got an All-Star 🤔 Other GMs are making it 🌧️ 💵, but that's 🤪 because they're in San Diego. Ol' Rick knows you gotta get 🚮 to supplement 💪 talent. Reyes' Ⓜ️✌️🅿️ and Avila's 🌬️ 👶 are gonna shut up a lot of haters 🔇.
  18. This was what I was trying to explain to my dad when he declared he'd stop following baseball. Like I understand his new local team is the D-Backs, but c'mon. He can just watch some Dodgers games on MLB.tv. He can even go to the same spring training stadium!
  19. I never said I'd fully switch to the Mets, just buy their gear, because I figure I can actually adopt a full-time NL team for reasons I've stated ad nauseam. But we've heard you say you - Knew the rebuild would fail - Called Yermin's ascension (we haven't heard much about that anymore, despite you saying FutureSox was wrong about him) - Knew Frank would be a stud before anyone else and that he should have been called up sooner, even though he was called up midway through his second year after being drafted. Crazy fast. That's just off the top of my head, but man, you've got to give the self congratulatory stuff a rest.
  20. Like I told my dad (who declared he will never watch baseball again after the Cubs signed Bellinger), we're too dyed in the wool here to leave the Sox. But a majority of my baseball following friends here are Mets fans, I go to Cyclones games, and SNY is massive fun to watch. Adding Q to their team is just a good reason to finally go to Citi Field for a game.
  21. I live in Brooklyn and actually go to a decent amount of Cyclones games (especially when the Dash are in town). So I've already got a Mets minor league jersey.
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