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  1. Wow I feel like no one had that one. Everyone has us taking a hitter. Shocker and unsure how to feel.
  2. I think the Sox will get Wetherholt. Personally I would love for it to be Cags, but I honestly think I would be happy with anyone at #5 that we've heard, outside of Kurtz.
  3. I joined SoxTalk on December 30th, 2007 at age 17 under the name JoeCoolMan24. Then 4 days later the Sox traded for Nick Swisher. I may have cursed us all.
  4. Could the White Sox squeeze a Josue De Paula out of the Dodgers? I find it very difficult to figure out Crochet's actual value to other teams. 🤷🏻‍♂️
  5. Child? From an admin? Lol this is why myself and so many others stopped posting here regularly. You can converse without being c***y. Or maybe you can't? Either way, this conversation ended right there for me.
  6. Maybe not as a starter, but I would hope whoever drafts him gives a shot to both hit and come in out of the bullpen. Regardless I hope he gets a shot to do both. But even if he doesn't, you'd think that make might have even more dangerous of a hitter since he won't be commiting time working on being a pitcher and could focus solely on training to hit.
  7. I didn't even mention Vaughn in my original comment. All I mentioned was Tork and Cags and said it's not fair to lump them together. Then he said yes it is, because he has been garbage. How does that make any sense?
  8. Cags has been GARBAGE??? What are you even talking about? I'm saying it's not fair to lump Cags into the group with Tork (and Vaughn if you want), simply because they are 1B. That's lazy. Cags has been significantly better than those guys were, and is left handed, oh, and also spends half of his time training to be a pitcher which it sounds like he won't have to focus on as a pro. We also don't really know if he's for sure limited to 1B yet, he just did it to allow him to pitch as well. That's like saying Ohtan is only a DH, instead of the fact that he DHs so he can pitch as well.
  9. Cags has hit HRs at a higher rate than Tork in his Covid season. About 60+ pts higher batting average, and less than half the strikeout rate. And he's a lefty. I don't think it's fair for people to lump them together.
  10. Cags just went deep again. Unless I'm mistaken, his numbers are vastly superior to other 1B taken at the top of the draft recently.
  11. Callis mocked Cags again to the Sox today but said it's wide open. He also mentioned Montgomery, Griffin, and Rainer. Seems to think they go hitter.
  12. Crochet is only going to pitch another what, 50-60 innings the rest of this season? Padres will either have to start limiting him to 3-4 IP at a time or just make him a multi-inning RP. I just don't see him bringing a huge return. I'd like to see them pair him with one of our RPs for a better package.
  13. Lol. There is NO scenario in which the Padres would trade Salas for Crochet straight up. I think De Vries + is a more realistic package.
  14. New BA mock.... "5. White Sox — JJ Wetherholt, SS, West Virginia A lack of playing time thanks to a hamstring injury hurt Wetherholt’s draft stock. Since he’s been back in West Virginia’s lineup he’s been the exact player he was expected to be entering the season. Wetherholt is a career .376/.500/.663 hitter with West Virginia and his underlying batted ball data is remarkably similar to Travis Bazzana’s. Bazzana has done a better job pulling the ball in the air to capitalize on his power, but I’m not sure there’s a significant raw power difference between the two. The biggest separator for Wetherholt is the fact that he’s actively playing shortstop. That gives him a chance for the best defensive value of any of the top six college hitters in the class and if there’s a thought that his hit/power combo is as good as Bazzana’s, why couldn’t he fit at the very top of the class?"
  15. I feel like we're often on the same page with draft prospects that we covet. I did see that our guy Jakson Reetz was playing the Majors recently with the Giants. We both really wanted the Sox to get him in the 3rd RD when they took Jace Fry instead. That was 2014! 10 years ago!
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