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  1. Arizona is awesome. It's my favorite state to visit. Been there like 4 times now. Definitely recommend spending 1-2 days in Sedona, especially if you're in to hiking (plenty of easy trails with paths for all ages). We also spent a day at the Grand Canyon and 2 days in Page, going to see Horseshoe Bend and ATTEMPTED to go see Antelope Canyon, but it was still closed due to Covid. Since Antelope Canyon was closed, we drove about an hour into Utah and went to Buckskin Gulch instead. Jerome, AZ is also a funky little ghost town to go see. Well, it USED to be a ghost town but now it's a tourist town. It's up on a mountain. Look up some YouTube videos, it's unique. We also visited Sunset Crater in Flagstaff, which used to be a volcano. It's black rock and black sand from volcanic ash. I took my drone to all of these places and got some really cool footage. It was my favorite trip we've taken and I can't wait to go back.
  2. I'm 31 hours in and I don't even think I'm 25% through the story. Lol. I can't stop exploring. Unbelievable world building
  3. What else should they have spent that $3M on during Spring Training? Or should they have not spent anymore at all? Also you said he's going to be a below average hitter out of the #9 hole..... The average #9 hitter last season hit .226 with a 81 wRC+. Andrus only one time in his career (29 games in 2020) ever hit below .226, and is a career .270 hitter with career 86 wRC+. For a #9 hitter, he will be just fine, and that is ignoring all the positives he brings on the bases, on defense, and in the clubhouse. This isn't an exciting move, but it's a pretty easily a positive one.
  4. We WISH we were only committed to just $3M for Leury, which again reinforces how much of a steal this is at just $3M. I wouldn't have loved bringing back Andrus for the $10M or so I honestly thought he would have gotten with a starting SS gig, but $3M to be our 2B with his secondary benefit being a legitimate backup plan for TA? This is great.
  5. Yea, you're probably right about COVID, but like you said, all/most restrictions are gone, so not restoring those webcasts is only going to hurt fans. I loved watching the top prospects get a shot and with 8 Sox players in the WBC this year, there will be a lot of chances to watch some prospects play. It's a shame.
  6. At only $3M this is an absolute steal. The guy was literally our best position player during the time he was in our team. He put up a 2.0 fWAR in only 43 games, which is absurd. Even if he can just do that same production spread out over a full season, it will be the first White Sox 2B to reach 2 WAR since Iguchi in 2005.
  7. We haven't had a ton of video yet, but Eloy sure doesn't look 25-30 lbs lighter. I would have guessed 10. 🤷 But hopefully this gets him back to his above average speed. This team all got VERY slow last year.
  8. Yea, I thought King did a really good job on those webcasts. They haven't done those since when, 2021 now? Maybe 2020? Just stupid to think the Sox have become LESS accessible over the years to watch.
  9. Pitchers and Catchers report in a few days. Has the broadcast schedule been announced yet? We are 2 weeks away from their first game and it seems most teams have announced their broadcast schedules by now. 🤷
  10. Is anyone out there playing the new Hogwarts Legacy game? Holy crap this game is incredibly fun. I usually only play about 2-3 hours of video games a week, at the most. So far I have played 3-4 hours of this game EACH NIGHT since the the Early Access started. It's the most engrossing game I've ever played, plus it's an extra bonus that my wife is a huge Harry Potter fan and not only plays it herself but also watches me play and points out things that were in the books that I never knew about because I only saw the movies. I was very very excited for this game and yet it somehow surpassed my expectations.
  11. Natalia. She replaced my last rep, Colin, who I had for years and was very good. Not saying she was bad, but I never had any issues with Colin and he never tried to upsell me.
  12. My ticket rep is already gone. She didn't even make it through one offseason. Yikes.
  13. Very cheap concessions. A lot of their concession items are $3 or less. They have seen their sales go up ever since slashing all their concession prices
  14. My best friend and I get together usually around mid-January every year and pick out our 10 games. So I already know exactly what 10 games we are going to and then as soon as the presale opens up, I redeem them. My issue was that we were blocked off frow rows that we used to be able to get. Since the Sox changed how they divide up their sections, we got bumped back to a further back set of seats to pick from with no option to upgrade to closer rows without going up to the 20 game plan. The Sox had the gall to get greedy after one of their most disappointing seasons in franchise history. So the gist of the phone call was "Oh, you can have the seats you have had for the last 5 or 6 years.....but you'll have to upgrade to the 20 game plan to get it...and you have to choose these pre-determined games, even though you already sorted out the 10 games you wanted to go to." 🤬
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