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  1. They dealt the prospects they wanted to deal....BEFORE they knew the severity of the injuries to Braddish and Means. Now they are short in the rotation. Of course the new ownership SHOULD just go out and grab Montgomery or Snell instead of trading from their top prospects, but until we see them willing to drop a big bag like that I will assume the Orioles should be far more motivated to include one of those top guys than they were a week ago.
  2. "In the act of the receiving the ball" will be the new argument. What's that? When the ball is on it's way to the base? When the ball is 10 feet from the glove? That's a grey area altogether.
  3. With that Santos trade the White Sox now own 4 of the first 79 picks. And then you have the Dbacks who have 3 of the first 35 picks. 😮
  4. Interesting trade in that the Sox trade a guy who has been all projection, no results for a guy who has been all results, no projection. Personally I like this trade. Even if Fletcher is just a solid 2-3 fWAR guy for a few years, for THIS TEAM it will seem like we got an absolute stud out there when you compare him too all the trash we've been running out in RF since Adam Eaton's first stint. Funny that in the box he looks just like Adam Eaton too. He seems to be an Adam Eaton profile with less speed but more pop.
  5. There is no scenario in which this trade doesn't hurt Chris Getz' efforts to move Cease, and possibly being forced to keep him until July could end up being a disaster because of the risk involved.
  6. Man, this is brutal. Absolutely undermines a ton of Getz' leverage now and may force him to take a giant risk on Cease by holding onto him until the deadline. This is a big kick to nuts not just because it makes one of our suitors (still) far less desperate, but with such a mediocre return it also potentially lowers the price on Cease. That's tough. What a fucking blow.
  7. If the Rangers are involved you can assume the players the Sox would be targeting would be INF Justin Foscue and SP Brock Porter.
  8. I'm willing to overlook a .230 batting average when his elite walk rate still gives him a .330+ OBP, game breaking speed, above average power, and CF defense. He's ranked among their top prospects for a reason, and that's all despite his swing and miss. And again, I'm taking about him as a 3rd piece in a trade that includes Bryce Miller and someone else in between.
  9. I'd love a package headlined by Bryce Miller with OF Jonatan Clase in there somewhere as well. Miller has great metrics. I love to dream on that K/BB ratio and his power fastball. Clase is an absolute speed demon switch hitter. 79 SB last season to go along with 20 HR who plays in all 3 OF positions. He also did this in AA, so he's not far off from the majors. He's very intriguing to me as maybe a 3rd piece in the deal.
  10. Please, just not McKnight. He's so, so boring. I REALLY wanted Monaco, but Brooks and Jerry don't like their PBP having national prominence, apparently. 🤷
  11. I hope I used the TLR reaction appropriately here. I'm assuming that's the one we use as our dislike button.
  12. Lol so Jim Bowden, the guy who just a month ago proposed Cease to Reds for Jonathan India and Ty Floyd (Reds #12 prospect and no where near the top 100) is now saying Cease is worth Mayer (Red Sox #1, #11 overall) + Winkleman (BOS #9) and Duran (Better than India, 2 more years of control). Ok, Jim. 🤷
  13. Thanks. The Sox would basically be replacing Liam's contract with Jansen's while *buying* a top prospect like Rafaela (if we're comparing it to the MLB.com deal). Maybe the Red Sox have to throw in a little bit of money for the Sox to give up Santos back, I don't know, but there is some wiggle room there.
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