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  1. Varsho is nothing special?? He might be the best defensive CF in baseball AND he hit 27 HR. Oh yeah, and he's a lefty. He was worth 4.6 fWAR in 2022. If the Sox got him, they could force Robert in to LF, or hell, even let Varsho catch (did I mention he's also a catcher) with Grandal and play CF on the days when he's not catching. If you're going to get Varsho + Marte (I would be ecstatic), then you're going to have to start that package around Montgomery....AND Crochet...and couple others. Varsho is VERY special.
  2. Alek Thomas for Crochet, Bryan Ramos, and Christian Mena. Who says no?
  3. I hate it here. This was tweeted 2 hours before he said it. 😭😭
  4. Gallo for $10M would be a very worthwhile flier.
  5. They will trade him in July in Atlanta or something.
  6. I for one am happy the Guardians chose to spend $16M of their limited payroll on Josh Bell. He's not that much better than Gavin Sheets. Meh.
  7. Yea, he's wanted us to think he knows far more than he's demonstrated that he actually knew. Not sure why people pay attention to what he says.
  8. It may have already been mentioned, but Robert Murray said something about the Clevinger deal not being a straight 1yr/$12M deal. That there is a 2nd year option and with the buyout it will reach $12M. Mentioned something about creatively shifting the money around. So maybe since the first report we heard was "more than $8M" it could end up being something like 1 yr/$8.5M with a 2nd year option for "xxx" amount or a $4M buyout. We might end up with a few extra million for 2023 to work up to Jerry's self-imposed budget.
  9. I absolutely hate the way the fidgety way this guy acts on the mound. Reminds me of Karinchak. Also is very close with Trevor Bauer. From a baseball standpoint he seems like a reasonable #4 or #5 option for us, with upside if Katz can fix him, but I'm not going to enjoy rooting for him. 🤷
  10. Picking up my Model Y on Thursday. 😍 Just sold my 2019 Model 3 today with 32,000 miles for $50K. 100% is pretty great resale value to me. Told myself that it I could get $50K for it that I would upgrade to the Enhanced Auto Pilot package. If I had to sell it to Carvana/Vroom/Driveway that I would wait on it. Well, since I got the full $50K today, ya boy is getting those little extra convenience features. Hopefully my wife and I can get pregnant soon and make use out of this extra room.
  11. No, he was not a PTBNL. And Boston gets to choose if they want a player from the agreed upon list, or cash instead.
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