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  1. I absolutely hate the way the fidgety way this guy acts on the mound. Reminds me of Karinchak. Also is very close with Trevor Bauer. From a baseball standpoint he seems like a reasonable #4 or #5 option for us, with upside if Katz can fix him, but I'm not going to enjoy rooting for him. 🤷
  2. Picking up my Model Y on Thursday. 😍 Just sold my 2019 Model 3 today with 32,000 miles for $50K. 100% is pretty great resale value to me. Told myself that it I could get $50K for it that I would upgrade to the Enhanced Auto Pilot package. If I had to sell it to Carvana/Vroom/Driveway that I would wait on it. Well, since I got the full $50K today, ya boy is getting those little extra convenience features. Hopefully my wife and I can get pregnant soon and make use out of this extra room.
  3. No, he was not a PTBNL. And Boston gets to choose if they want a player from the agreed upon list, or cash instead.
  4. People sometimes randomly acquire sources. I had a source for a couple of years and had good scoops on various things, and then my source went away. I have no idea who Pal is, literally never seen the username here before this thread, but I wouldn't judge him or her solely based on them not having a reliable source 18 months ago.
  5. I'm sorry you're having a hard time following. 🤷
  6. I get you don't like how the money has been spent this offseason, I don't think any of us do, but that doesn't change the fact that the Sox have NOT spent $4.2M on Cueto. If he earns the entire $4.2M (he won't), then that either means he has pitched really well or we desperately needed him to stick around, in either case, that sounds like he would be worth it at that point. The rest of the money spent poorly is irrelevant to this contract.
  7. That's how I read it based on Passan's tweet. Maybe that's inaccurate, but the fact that it's a minor league deal already tells us none of the money is guaranteed. Also he has an opt out for May 15th if the Sox haven't called him up by then.
  8. As far as I can tell, prorated based in days with the team. If he's with the team for half the season, he gets half the $4.2M. If he's there for only 10% of the season, he only gets 10% of the money ($420,000).
  9. Cueto's deal is prorated based on how long much he pitches for the Sox ie, none of it is guaranteed.
  10. No doubt. I still give it a C grade overall. I'm just saying given where we were at a week ago with what was realistically available, he did a great job at the buzzer.
  11. The last 2 moves have been so minor, yet so desperately needed for this team. Combine that with the Pollock move and Hahn really did a great job buttoning this team up at the end of the Spring.
  12. I expect Ketel Marte to eventually join the Sox in about 4 years. 😑😑
  13. At the time, the trade was fine. Then, as seems to be a theme for everyone except Tepera, he came to the Sox and got considerably worse. Most of his rate stats stayed extremely consistent, but the dude lost all of his power. Went from 37 XBH in 96 games with Cleveland to a measly 7 XBH in 53 games with the Sox. Even Madrigal outslugged Cesar with 16 XBH in nearly the exact same amount of games and PA's with the Sox in 2021.
  14. Funny, my off-season plan for this year included trading Kimbrel to the Jays for McGuire + a couple of lower level prospects. I then moved Collins in a separate trade and McGuire became the Sox backup. "We know Jerry doesn't like to waste money, and he won't here. Toronto needs bullpen help and they have some money to spend. Jordan Romano was very good for Toronto last season as their primary closer, but he is far less entrenched in that role than Liam Hendriks, so Kimbrel would take the closing duties for a year in Toronto while Romano takes the 8th inning role. The Jays are a natural fit here not only because they need RP help, and have money, but because they have a glut of 3 decent catchers, with their #1 prospect, also a catcher, about to join the fray. In discussing with Jays fans, they basically put equal value on catchers McGuire and Danny Jansen. I ultimately chose McGuire for the role of backup catcher for the Sox due to his left-handed bat, being known for his defense, and for having an above-average arm to control the opponent running game, a glaring weakness for the Sox. McGuire also ranks around top 10ish in catcher framing as well. Anything he adds with the bat, which seems to be better in the Majors than when he was a prospect, will just be gravy." In previous off-season plans I've included trades for Pollock, but I can't seem to find those write-ups as easily.
  15. Just to make sure we are all honest about this trade... 😆
  16. Her "disability" is hair loss. Something most men eventually suffer from, some of them far younger than she did. It's less common in women but let's not pretend like she's dying or challenged in any way.
  17. Or, thinking positively, maybe it will feel up some cash for them to absorb a Kimbrel contract and then we can get one of their extra backup catchers, perhaps Reese McGuire, in return.
  18. Vaughn to DH (Should be Eloy, but that doesn't appear the be possible), Sheets on the bench, getting occasional starts at DH and LF. But also completely fine with Sheets getting traded for an SP.
  19. I didn't realize Gardner was out there. Obviously a lot less sexy than Conforto, but he would come cheaper and probably on a 1 year deal, and is somehow still a 1.5-2 fWAR guy late in to his 30s, and remarkably healthy for a speed guy. I'm at the point now where I would actually be fine with that. Platoon him with Engel if you must.
  20. My wife used to have TMobile and I feel like they do it like the Tuesday before Opening Day. They wait until the very end of ST, I think.
  21. Yea, that's the conversation I was alluding to last night, false alarm and all.
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