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  1. 150% chance they read everything posted here.
  2. It's insulting. Having an owner with two major league franchises at that . It's the one chance we have to make a dent in the top of the market with less competition. Dj Lemahieu got 15mm average. Why not take advantage of signing a difference maker as opposed to trading heavy assets? It's not even about Bauer at this point.
  3. Guy has only pitched 198.2 innings since 2016.. Why should a contending team touch him ? Seems like a perfect fit for a rebuilding team to MAYBE flip at the deadline IF he stays healthy. If were being cheap, give me Rick Porcello instead. Maybe we can get him to rebound, hes been healthy at least. Since 2016 Richards- 3.6 BB/9 198.2 innings 2.59 SO/W Porcello- 2.0 BB/9 851 innings 4.03 SO/W Porcello is coming off a down year. 1-7 , 12 starts , 5.64 ERA and only made 10MM. Also, his FIP was 3.33 which was actually lower than his 2016 CY Young season of 3.40. If were going to the bargin bin, get a guy who can provide innings, not an injury risk. Since this is about Garrett Richards though, I'd stay far away from him .
  4. Don't need the DH. Take the money you would use for a SP or a bigger trade.
  5. Lol, I just want to dream the narrative that the White Sox outbid another team to get their guy for once.
  6. Dewon Day had it too. Maybe got the wrong team but he mentions the 'heavy buy-out' and 13mm per year. Also in comments he says 'end of week'. I'll give him some credibility.
  7. I swear one of those accounts predicted this exact contract. Which one was it?
  8. Dewon Day and Als cheesey beef accounts have the same credibility. I'll give the edge to Dewon since he doesn't post 10-15 times a day about only Liam Hendriks.
  9. Rumors never really suprise me anymore but the Codify thing seems slightly overplayed.
  10. Trump perm banned on twitter.
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