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  1. Because it's the White Sox -- they're either signing someone like Gallo (or worse), or going with internal options
  2. I agree that they should just sign more certainty, particularly with Nimmo. But if they're constraining themselves to low/mid-level options, I just prefer a higher ceiling (Conforto would be fine too)
  3. This is pretty funny but also probably somewhat accurate. I'm in my 20s and most of the people I talk to love the idea of signing Gallo, which is definitely not indicative of the larger sample of White Sox fans
  4. I don't think the idea is that he improves, but rather just returns to prior levels of production. And if you ask me, that's better than signing another low ceiling type like David Peralta, or spending more money on a worse roster fit like Brantley
  5. Joey Gallo: 752 career games, 15.1 fWAR Andrew Benintendi: 745 games, 13.1 fWAR
  6. It's fascinating. The Sox were one of the highest batting average teams in the league with one of the lowest strikeout rates and the most singles, but fans have convinced themselves that what they need are more low-strikeout contact-first guys
  7. I just wrote an article arguing for Joey Gallo's fit on the White Sox, if anyone's interested. I think any Sox fan might enjoy, but I tried particularly hard to convince people who don't want him why it's a good idea https://www.soxon35th.com/joey-gallos-risk-is-worth-the-potential-reward-for-the-white-sox/
  8. He's intriguing but why spend assets on him when we already have a very similar prospect with very similar stats/profile in Sosa?
  9. For 15 years, in fact, so I wonder how risky it really is
  10. He said something about making a big move to win over the fans?
  11. Pretty sure the Rangers are one of the five teams on his no-trade list
  12. While I would certainly be happy with that, I'd imagine that most fans would hate it
  13. Sure, but unless that prospect were Montgomery, I don't see why the Twins would consider since Arraez still has 3 years left before FA
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