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  1. I disagree. If you're just referring to him staying healthy, then sure. But even 2022 Jimenez (when healthy) was better (144 wRC+) than 2019 Soler (136 wRC+). I'd love to see Eloy hit 48 homers, but he's a much better contact hitter than even peak Soler, so the "best case scenario" for Jimenez probably has him hitting .300 or better in addition to massive power output
  2. Fair enough. He definitely has gotten much worse back there with age
  3. Salvador Perez is consistently one of the worst defensive players in baseball I don't know much about Grifol overall, but I wouldn't use that as a selling point for him
  4. We all just sat through a full rebuild that started 6 years ago with promises of championship contending clubs, and to date we have received 2 playoff game victories and nothing else. If you want to turn this into a "real fans" debate, then I would argue that the "real" fans are the ones who actually care about the team's success and want them to stop making the same mistake over and over, rather than the ones who would blindly love another former Sox manager comeback story that is, once again, very clearly not going to work out
  5. Absolutely. It’s a credit to Ozzie that he knew exactly what needed to be done —win over JR first, and at that point the second “interview” doesn’t even matter
  6. His comments on postgame shows over the years imply otherwise
  7. If the three-headed monster had a functional dynamic and sound process, I would agree. But waiting a month+ just to hire Ozzie Guillen when they could have done so weeks ago, or even during the last season, is exactly something this FO would do
  8. Here's the list of candidates (obviously, only the living ones): https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Chicago_White_Sox_managers
  9. I think they could probably get away with framing it as making the team better by trading away the 2022 underperformers, but it's probably just me overcorrecting my expectations after the disaster that was last offseason
  10. Your pessimistic/cheap outlook is way more optimistic than mine. I don't even like Conforto much, mainly since he's coming off shoulder surgery, but I'm fully expecting a nightmare offseason of salary cuts (due to lack of playoff revenue), utility/relief signings, salary dump trades (such as getting out of Joe Kelly's contract by attaching Jose Rodriguez to him), selling low on Moncada/Giolito only for them to predictably return to form, etc.
  11. SI is just Fansided now. They would absolutely allow this to be posted if it were BS
  12. He might be my favorite potential option, at least based on publicly available information. I recommend reading this (Athletic sub required): https://theathletic.com/3234920/2022/04/07/qa-phillies-hitting-coach-kevin-long-on-his-prep-work-philosophy-and-a-stacked-lineup-thats-as-solid-as-there-is/
  13. I don't understand this idea where the Sox have core players on expensive contracts who are not good, but are simultaneously desirable as trade targets for other teams. Vaughn is a realistic trade option, but probably has less trade value than everyone thinks. Moncada, contrary to popular belief, has never been this bad before, so you could maybe convince a team that this was just an aberration, and that he'll at least get back to his 2021 self. But with his money owed, you'd just be dumping him for no return, at the pretty likely risk of him being a better 3B option than whatever you'd run out there anyway
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