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  1. Hypothetically, let's say the Grandal contract was for 2 years. They got what they wanted out of him and that money and subsequent bad performance was gone in 2022 and 2023. Would the reallocation of ~$18M per year toward relievers and maybe a better RF have made the 81-81 White Sox a contender, or the 2023 team any different? If the answer is no, how did it weigh the team down?
  2. Completely agree. Beyond the salary stuff being ridiculous, it also made comments about how teams won't see him as valuable because they'll be playing him in a corner rather than CF. And the one example they used was Julio Rodriguez, who is an objectively worse defender than Robert unless you're only looking at this year's ~20 game sample. The injury concerns are extremely valid but this felt too over the top to be a standard trade rumor article from neutral sources.
  3. The home run Lopez gave up came on a very good pitch. I know some were upset that he went to the slider but it was a good pitch nonetheless, just happened to be against a top 2 hitter in baseball
  4. I agree but who would have even needed to be replaced? Eloy was DH so obviously not him, and everyone else in the lineup probably doesn't need a defensive replacement. Especially when the bench (which was only Zavala, Sheets, and Alberto at the time) is mediocre at best defensively
  5. Are you able to at least shoot around and just not play actual games?
  6. It's not like tennis anymore, which has recently changed to a fully automated system (no more challenges), which has made the matches much smoother IMO Personally, I hate this ball/strike challenge system. They have the technology for full automation and it's proven to be far more accurate than the current system, so why not just use it? Why do a weird mix of the two?
  7. Those were Cleveland fans who were heckling him, and it was one time, not "any chance he gets"
  8. Grifol had said it would be happening (well before the fake insider tweet) so I’m wondering if TLR’s health issues just haven’t been getting any better
  9. Especially since Hahn, at the Benintendi press conference, said they weren't a finished product. Since that quote, which is now a month old, they have acquired 0 MLB players
  10. Thank you. I always see the "everything went wrong last year and they still won 81 games" line, but I couldn't disagree with it more. Had Cueto and Andrus not shown up and played like it was 2011, last year's team probably wins more like 72 games. Elvis Andrus was a 7.5 fWAR/162 player for the White Sox last year. Things like that don't happen in a year where "everything goes wrong," and the true worst case scenario for this team is accordingly much lower than 81 wins
  11. Sosa would absolutely have trade value, probably more than Rodriguez
  12. Thanks. Regardless, given the lack of money and available players at this point, I don't see an actual move coming beyond MiLB deals/AAAA types. Hope I'm wrong
  13. Not sure how they're going to do anything with no money left. Even if they eventually are able to get out of having to pay Clevinger, wouldn't the whole investigative process take months (at least)? Didn't Bauer's take nearly two years?
  14. Isn't June of 2021 when the team was 43-25 (the best record in baseball) and all the (healthy) core players were having good to great seasons?
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