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  1. The obvious move is the Sox giving him a 3 year deal at 8 million per year.
  2. Yeah, he's been good enough. But he's paid to be elite. He hasn't been that. Especially in the 2nd half. He's clearly the best they've got, but I guess this is maybe more just my impression, but I sure don't feel good with him in the game in a 1 run situation. But yeah, maybe this is more that with what he makes I expect him to be the best, and to Balta's point, that's not often how it goes. But that stat chart was 9th inning and after. I don't know but I would guess that Liam leads the team in innings in those situations.
  3. Liam bears some responsibility for this too. That stat is 9th and later. That's a lot of Liam. Also, his ERA in the second half is nearly 4. Not exactly elite.
  4. You're giving them too much credit. They're only close because the division is terrible. In any other division they would have been cooked at the all star break. They're like 13.5 behind that Yankees and 400 behind the Astros. There isn't another division in baseball where they'd be higher than 3rd. They aren't even in wild card contention, and there are more wild cards than ever. I would also say, they don't have bad luck in close games. They don't execute well. They're bad at the little things. That leads to giving away games. It leads to not closing things out. It leads to losing. This is about the most disappointing team and season I can remember. Maybe 2007 is the only one close. They have lots of talent, but are bad at baseball. That leads to a team that is completely mediocre.
  5. If you have watched these two teams this year, it is very clear that Cleveland is better at baseball. They have some great talent, and so do the Sox. But Cleveland is more strategically constructed. And they are so much better at executing baseball. They're a better team, and they have been all season.
  6. The caller is downright reasonable compared to the hosts.
  7. Ed Walsh is literally the all time ERA leader. I know we forget about him because he was in that first era of baseball, but he has a legitimate claim on the best pitcher in the history of baseball.
  8. If I had to watch this team everyday, and couldn't turn it off, I'd have some medical issues as well.
  9. Yeah, sadly, today being the cutoff for postseason eligibility isn't relevant to the conversation of the Sox signing him.
  10. He's been awful, there is no doubt about it, but he has been good in the past, and could be good again. And the Sox don't have better options. And they don't really spend money, especially on top of the rotation pitchers, so, no he won't be non-tendered.
  11. I would love someone to ask the question, "do the balls the white sox pitchers pitch also go in the humidor?"
  12. So was your vote just basically who has the lowest fWAR? Leury is at -.9 bWAR by the way. Not criticizing or anything, just trying to understand. Because as others have also stated, the expectations are vastly different between those players.
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