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  1. Grifol truly thinks he did a good job this season, you lost 101 games must be F’N nice to keep your job!
  2. Team rested all year 101 losses prove it.
  3. Don’t know how he can be allowed to coach another game.
  4. Getz sounds ridiculous and no real plan and knows JR will let him keep job till he is no longer on planet!
  5. This would be the cherry on top of losses the last calendar year
  6. Team is regressing especially QB, what positive are you seeing? I don’t see one position that pointing up.
  7. No way Eberflus, Getsy and Fields can return. Poles is on notice also for pathetic decisions he has made, he has got a pass way too long. McCaskey’s are so inept!
  8. Sox a lot like the Bears at season end winning meaningless games, effecting draft position.
  9. Robert Jr. with stolen base No. 20. He's the first White Sox player ever to go 35 homers, 35 doubles and 20 stolen bases in the same season Per Merkin
  10. Hope Sox next win is in 2024 hell with them and Grifol
  11. So White Sox, aging veteran with a high salary on the decline. Jerry can yell hey see I spent big money ugh!
  12. It’s in the toilet a 5th round maybe at this point.
  13. Time to heavily scout next years QB class, because Bears don’t have one! Trade both first round picks in a deal to get one.
  14. Defense can’t get off the field on 3rd down. Eberflus has to go, he has won as many games as me since last October…..Zero
  15. I think it’s becoming apparent Fields is not progressing at all. Poles has no ties to him and will move on.
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