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  1. I completely agree but it’s weird. 0 WAR power has a value. I have no idea what it is but it exists. The proof is the Sox have been signing 0 WAR power almost exclusively for what seems like decades now. There is a market. Maybe a Major League Baseball is just that hard to hit
  2. Why Ike! Whatever will we do without this horrible baseball player?
  3. Totally. Would love to see that analysis too. But you figure if you’re trading good players always at the 2-years-left mark, you’re going to get back some amount more than 1. Trading 2 years for 12 or 18 years probably needs to be the way. If you’re scouting we’ll, doesn’t that have to eventually lead to overflowing surplus? And then since we actually aren’t the Rays…we can fill plenty of holes with money in ways they can’t. But this rewarding our young prospects with $50M can’t happen. Gotta keep them hungry, gotta stay shrewd. And why the hell don’t we just offer triple the salaries for smart exec guys? Money talks. Let’s poach
  4. This is where you go full Rays. Gotta trade him for 3-4 SP on the cusp and 2 years away. It opens a huge hole but we need guys knocking on the door consistently. Keep trading them when they have about 2 years left.
  5. Cease is like 2 years for 20M or so. And a team will get his ages 28-29 seasons. I don’t think this is the comp you think it is.
  6. If Getz wants to create a novel way to pitch 1400+ innings then be my guest. Having Eder up for 100 of them is fine. But you can’t have 14 guys throw 100 IP. Sign Bauer and let him and Cease log more. The rest by committee. I’d actually be interested in that.
  7. I have almost no interest in baseball anymore. Like zero. This playoffs all I’ve seen is Bryce Harper talking about getting chills playing for Phillies fans. That was cool and really honest. What could have been. Haven’t watched any games though at all this year. Did TLR kill it for me? I don’t even know. All I know is I don’t care. Colson is exciting. That seems to be my only interest point. Maybe just wash the decks and start over with him and Robert? Again, I’m probably just going to check in passively going forward. Really weird considering my history but I have no regrets tuning it all out. It just happened somehow.
  8. If Carolina is really the worst and we get the #1 pick, I love the idea of trading it down a few slots to whoever Poles thinks will have the worst record NEXT year. The opportunity to rinse and repeat for as many years as we can sounds tasty. Keep stacking the trenches. It’ll pay off
  9. If there’s one thing I’ve learned over the decades it’s to trade durable starting pitchers for second basemen
  10. We have 3 players. Robert, Colson and Cease. did I miss anybody?
  11. If you know you know. If you don’t know, then enjoy this giant middle finger from Trevor Bauer and all things good in the world. Hell yea. So sorry that happened to him.
  12. Lol team speed. We had like 2 good players and he was one of them 🤷
  13. Still think it should be Corlas. Maybe they’re having issues with agreeing on a pronunciation? He thinks he’s compromising saying “ok fine call me cor-LAHSS” and Getz is like “na dude; it’s CORE-liss.” Actually applaud the new GM here if that’s the case
  14. Probably a couple years from now.
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