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  1. The 87-90s are my favorite. That cursive C man
  2. Outman is exactly the player you want IMO. My goal for the offseason has been to slide Eloy permanently to DH and turn the outfield into a super plus defensive unit. Outman, Robert & Colas would be incredible.
  3. It helps clear out the value in the minors
  4. It’s gonna be so bad. Brace for the cringe brother
  5. It’s all velocity for him IMO. Was it the sticky stuff that allowed him to sit 95-96, touching 97? I have no clue. What I feel like I do know is he gets shelled 92-94.
  6. This seems like such a terrible idea. He doesn’t provide difference-making offense. I’ve pretty much landed in the boat that spending big money on a catcher is one of the worst things a team can do with limited resources.
  7. Cool he just said they are trading Vaughn and rolling with Colas. I like it.
  8. I’d love 2-3 dominant innings every 3 games or something like that. Sounds cool in my head
  9. We are playing for fun really hits home. One doesn’t get the impression we are trying to beat the living s%*# outa 29 other teams.
  10. Thanks for doing this. It was really helpful for me to see. It makes me think buying out Pollock at 5M is a no-brainer. Save another 8?
  11. Whoa whoa whoa. You can’t spin your way out of that post. That thing made no sense. You need to let each Soxtalk member take a few minutes with that thing and have at it however they feel like they need to. I can’t let you blame that thing on Hahn or Jerry. They don’t deserve that man
  12. Meeeeeeennnnnnddddddooooooooozzzzzaaaaaa!!!
  13. Well if it is Ozzie, maybe they want to give the impression that some semblance of due diligence was done this time?
  14. Lol. So you can wait in line to get an autograph from somebody younger than yourself of course!
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