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  1. Yea! I just turned it on and got to watch those 2 drives. Incredible!
  2. One concern about doing it again would be that it’s hard to imagine starting with a better group of young prospects than we had.
  3. Isn’t this what Sheets does for league minimum? Big, suck, lefty, runs into a few pure luck sometimes?
  4. Can’t wait for this BS to add up to 30M of 1WAR
  5. Lol for real. Well said. Signing Melky and Drob on the same day might be coming too. 2-3 B-level guys that waste 25-40M. Clevinger, check. Next:
  6. Lol I’d like to see Biiiiiig Jerry, bet it all. Time for a rewatch over here, you?
  7. Pay this man. Pay this man his money. Win the World Series
  8. Best money a team could spend I. The market today. This guy is a horse who throws 98 and dials it up later in games. 30M is a steal
  9. 100% the lower velocity is why he sucked. I’ve never been more sure of anything out her related
  10. The best teams have maybe what like 5-6 good bats in a lineup? Why put so many resources into making one of those catcher for 130 games per year
  11. It’s forward thinking to trade him because we know the Sox aren’t going to extend him. But how do we win the World Series THIS YEAR if we trade him? We kinda already need him to regain velocity and dominance to make a run this year, no?
  12. 100%. Just fill C & 2B from within. Please spend these trade resources on an OF and always pitching.
  13. Ever since you suggested outman a couple weeks ago or whatever I’m all about it. Never even knew he existed. My whole goal for the offseason if I was GM has been to turn the outfield into one of the top units in baseball. Outman is perfect to go next to Robert & Colas. Imagine the surplus value potential with the cost of that outfield over the next 3 years. Eloy is DH. Experiment over. Sorry bub
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