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  1. Still think it should be Corlas. Maybe they’re having issues with agreeing on a pronunciation? He thinks he’s compromising saying “ok fine call me cor-LAHSS” and Getz is like “na dude; it’s CORE-liss.” Actually applaud the new GM here if that’s the case
  2. Probably a couple years from now.
  3. Can’t stop laughing at how inappropriate and forced this is. I love it more ever time I read it man thanks 😂
  4. Colson Montgomery made an interesting comment something like “I’m up there every time to wear down that pitcher and be a super hard out.” Im sure I messed that up a bit but the point is he’s like the only Sox player I’ve ever heard actually talk about “playing the game” while in the box. If I ran the Sox that would be the main thing I preached across all levels. That would be the Sox way: “we are the toughest outs you’ll ever face”. Not sure why only Colson has that mindset. He’s also the #2 prospect in baseball so I dunno.
  5. Thought I’d share this: took my kid to his first baseball game tonight in Myrtle beach. Caught Pedro Ramirez 1st home run, frickin crazy. Sox notes: Jacob G looked dumb on a strikeout but was clearly one of the better players there. Looks like a shortstop, almost made up for a bobble on a slick play but didn’t get the call. Looks really young, not crazy about the stance but he belonged for sure. I’m just an idiot fan so salt to taste. Nshida looks like a kid that doesn’t belong IMO. He could barely get the ball to the cut off man and his contact was super weak. Looked away for a second though and he was cruising around the bases for a triple. Not sure how that happened didn’t see the hit but sure didn’t seem like he has the power. Again, idiot fan. Special night for me and the fam.
  6. Don’t we need Cease to log 180 quality innings next year? Already gotta fill Gio & Lynn’s spots. Seems a year early to cash in on his value.
  7. Agree but that good deal has to be better than the opportunity for him to build value the 2nd half with no pressure to win.
  8. 100% IMO. He s%*# his pants game 3 against the A’s, there’s no debating that. I think the whole FO also s%*# their pants that game, but even if you put it all on Ricky, I wish he was given a chance to learn and grow from it. The team seemed to respect the hell out of him. They were all forming the new brand together. From the moment he was fired to where we are now…I don’t know if it could have gone worse.
  9. Yea and I just don’t see how a team looks at Eloy as some difference-making bat for a playoff push. Even assuming he never gets hurt again, IMO he still hasn’t even established what he really is at the plate. Now paired with unplayable defense and injury likelihood on top of that…I don’t know how that’s a “push in your chips” play.
  10. The real question is how many pages the Ohtani thread will be this offseason.
  11. Who the hell is going to log innings this year, next year etc. Think we gotta shoot for getting some horses in the stables
  12. 100%. I think we’re all transitioning mentally to a future without Moncada AND Eloy. They just don’t play enough. Eloy is worthless in the field whereas Burger can hold down 3B any time Moncada is hurt. So I like keeping Burger/Moncada vs Eloy/Moncada
  13. Are we really going to trade our baseball player, Jake Burger?
  14. Absolutely. Trading him probably means total rebuild.
  15. Hope he gets to 10 bWAR over his Sox career at this point. What a miss. 🤷
  16. You kept Burger so I’m good with this!
  17. Don’t be so sure. Negative WAR is definitely a thing this team loves
  18. Cuz he’s only gonna play like 120 games or whatever. Use Gio go get a stud who plays 162 or takes the ball every 5th day.
  19. As I get older I think focusing on a catcher with a good bat is a total waste of resources.
  20. Reading this makes me feel like if you could go back in time to 2017 and lay out all the ways this rebuild could go, this is the absolute nightmare path I’d give almost no odds of happening.
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