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  1. I’m not sure being concerned about Thorpe’s fastball is an opinion. It’s his whole thing. He has a slower fastball- that’s his whole write up. I don’t know what I’m exactly trying to say here, but like, there isn’t a person on earth who doesn’t see the MPH of his fastball and note it. There isn’t a camp of people unconcerned about his slow fastball and then a camp of people who are concerned. Everyone knows about it.
  2. So many adds on the site and you’re the last post, so for a second I actually thought wow an add for clown shoes seems so appropriate for this thread
  3. lol waves. Let me check with the boys in the development department. Got 4 more coaches working on it!
  4. No. We need to multiply any time possible. We need to be the Rays. 2 years left? Traded
  5. Maybe Getz just wants to look at some packages
  6. Does he immediately fill our void at shitty no power lead off because 2005 happened spot?
  7. I feel like we’ve probably been near the bottom of this category for a really long time. I can’t count the time Abreu’s dumbass couldn’t even tell he was being pitched around. Maybe every single time it was happening?
  8. Man who knows. I wish it was as simple as waiting until Crochet says he’s feeling fatigue. Let the big dog eat til he’s full
  9. It’s insane. I don’t know half these guys but the stat lines people are posting don’t lie
  10. I suppose the Benintendi contract might outperform the whole ILoy experience. That’s bad
  11. This might be one of my more optimist opinions of our farm in the last 20 years. Mostly before was completely irrational optimism, but this feels different. Getz might get the nickname Getzy Big Balls soon
  12. Maybe we don’t have a large group of really good prospects not on any major lists. But maybe we do?
  13. We have some players down there.
  14. It really is a shame about those last details
  15. Yes and finally the guys are buying into the Royals’ way of excellence
  16. Where’s buckets of semien to weigh in all over everything
  17. Oh! Whoever coined I have hurt feelings Giolito deserves whatever Soxtalk fortune and glory is available.
  18. Linestink was great. the evolution of JFP was pretty funny too
  19. Absolutely. The La Pantera thing reminds me of Hawk at the end of his days trying to force some nicknames for Abreu. Has the same cringe feel to me. LuBob flies out like home cookin
  20. Nobody is sold. He’s in the minor leagues still.
  21. He knew he brought in old journeymen though. I think the why is more interesting than the what.
  22. What about maybe they did right by him, whatever that deal was, to let him ride out the offseason and see if he could secure a long term deal. He didn’t get what he wanted so he came back? there could be more nuance to this than you are suggesting
  23. These dudes will never be remembered. Just collecting paychecks. I fully expect Moncada to have an awesome season if he feels he needs another $100M
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