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  1. What about maybe they did right by him, whatever that deal was, to let him ride out the offseason and see if he could secure a long term deal. He didn’t get what he wanted so he came back? there could be more nuance to this than you are suggesting
  2. These dudes will never be remembered. Just collecting paychecks. I fully expect Moncada to have an awesome season if he feels he needs another $100M
  3. There’s like 1500 innings that need to be thrown this year. If him and Kopech get over 200 of those I’d call that a major success.
  4. This roster is full of dudes ready to ball out and try to win. So optics wise, if they draft Caleb, you have to consider not only Caleb’s development, shot at OROY etc…but you have to do right by that locker room. I think there’s a lot to consider about who starts the season as QB1. Do you just hand it to Caleb and take the lumps? I think at this point it’s Bagent. Caleb would have to outplay him pretty significantly to get the buy in from everybody right? That’s not a given.
  5. Eh. What about just making a stand and saying the best 26 guys come north. If Thorpe is in there he’s in there. Totally merit based for everything.
  6. I hope too brother. What are some of your favorite hopes over the years that never did a thing? Alec Hansen had me thinking we were really building a juggernaut. Thought Alex Call had a real shot too
  7. lol who are the last dudes to actually become something for us? Codi Heuer briefly? That one seemed like a nice job at the time
  8. There’s gotta be something really special about his command though that those guys never sniffed
  9. Well it sure is a different looking group of players from the disaster core, TLR + Colson thing we had going for years. That group made me quit being a fan of baseball after decades. Maybe these guys will bring me back
  10. I feel like San Diego is just going to flip him at the deadline for Cowser and Mayo
  11. How is one of the top pitchers in the game at a ridiculously low price with extra control not worth top prospects?
  12. Funniest post I’ve maybe ever seen on here. I hope its greatness doesn’t just get lost in a 45000 page thread.
  13. I don’t ever watch baseball anymore so I missed Evan Carter in the playoffs. How did he look in YOUR eyes? Imagine that’s our Texas target
  14. How’s Joey Headlines doing this spring? Can we let him loose from his new team with this Cease performance?
  15. Look no further than that staged video introduction call to Eloy last year. These guys would die for Pedro
  16. Looking at Spencer Jones’ stats and fangraphs’ top 100… seems crazy to me that he’s ranked ahead of our other target Coby Mayo who has destroyed upper level pitching. Seems like Jones is all hope and projection. He barely played any AA and didn’t dominate A+. Why so vaunted at this stage?
  17. In reality you can’t see 100 home runs. On paper potential world though… 10d for 10 Moncada 25 Robert 40 Eloy 40 Vaughn 25 Fletcher 10 Not in a million years but that’s what we should get if life didn’t suck
  18. Holy s%*# what the heck is this- a bold idea?
  19. You think Getz is raising the floor of the organization with most of these moves? These aren’t big ceiling plays but depth seems better
  20. Yea I think money, commitment & opportunity get overlooked the most when valuing Cease. A team trying to win the World Series can trade for Cease right now and get 2 years of control, 180 IP, a decent shot at a CYA, pay only $8M…AND that comes with an option to roll it back for another $12M or trade him to restock a good chunk of what they lost to acquire him. That’s insane value. Cheap teams like Twins, Guardians, Rays, Brewers, Reds etc. this is their golden opportunity to get top pitching. They can’t purchase this.
  21. I think I like this trade now. Getz basically wins the trade pretty easily and Arizona is totally okay with that. They are fine gambling on a chance to REALLY win the trade down the line because harnessing some pitching will be way more valuable. But it’s risky. Getz gets the safe win, for now. We might have a real RFer for his whole prime cheap. I’m okay with this. It’s only been since Mags
  22. This precisely. This is what’s happening. The only thing is it seems to directly contradict Jerry’s public desire when Getz was hired to turn this around really fast. The only path right now to compete fast is massive breakouts from Eloy, Vaughn, Moncada & some pitchers. I mean maybe. It is Moncada’s contract year
  23. I can’t imagine watching more than a couple games again this year. Interested in the minors though for sure
  24. It’s pretty funny that Joey Ortiz headlined the deal
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