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  1. The TLR experience destroyed all the hope, love and interest I had in this baseball team since about 1997. im no longer a diehard. Rick Hahn being a terrible GM didn’t do that.
  2. Now that I’ve had time to reflect I definitely think Rick must have called out JR about handcuffing him with big FAs and then JR basically spanked him and told him, “Guess what, TLR is now your manager.” I don’t know why but I really can’t shake the feeling it was done as an insult to Rick. Why he didn’t quit I can’t figure.
  3. Lol great thread. There’s no chance I watch any of this. I think the only reason I check the box everyday is to see if a burger played and ripped. LuBob or Eloy going off doesn’t really excite me
  4. Reminds me we need a “Pics” section pinned at the top of Slam.
  5. The only explanation is the pitcher is tipping or flat out doesn’t have it today. Let’s not pretend the guys suddenly have approaches up there.
  6. Fair. The only thing I think can work is they need to become the Rays in one major way: A guy gets to be 1.5-2 years from the end of his rookie deal, trade him no matter what. Always restocking. No extensions. Keep them hungry and then trade them. No exceptions. Then spend the 175M per year on major free agents. But they won’t do that. i still can’t believe they canned Ricky and brought in TLR. Gnight dudes.
  7. Crazy that we are a few months from the end of Giolito’s rookie contract. Basically all the guys Hahn was praised for in those trades so long ago…it’s about to be 6 years, almost a billion dollars spent…and one first round exit. Things can change but that’s what it looks like. Incredible whiff on the whole rebuild idea.
  8. Our philosophy is to blame. The guys just aren’t tough outs. That’s the whole problem They don’t play THE GAME. Look for the pitch you want until you have 2 strikes. then shorten and foul off a bunch of pitches and put it in play. These clowns chase anything close strikes 1 and 2 and then swing just as hard strike 3. So dumb. We’re all sport and no game.
  9. The Rays are just incredible. I don’t know how you can look at whatever the heck they’re doing and think you shouldn’t change your operation immediately. This could be a world class franchise. Best name and logo out there
  10. I get less purist as I age. Seems backwards of typical old curmudgeonry. Give me more fans excited about playoffs. Give me a selection show where the top seeds pick their opponents with trash talking. Not opposed to steroids coming back either.
  11. Yuck. He had a pretty okay April, really bad May. Hopefully he rips in June.
  12. “You guys are bitches” needs to be the attitude against our division. It starts with Correa and the Twins. We’re going to dominate you this year. I like this guy
  13. For real, right? Has there ever been a blaming coach? Like a guy who goes full priss and just tosses everybody under the bus lol. Nobody comes to mind at first thought
  14. Jerksticks


    😂 Kopech at 94-95 gives me the same concerns as Giolito at 92-93. Not sure if either of those can be more than average at best.
  15. Double or nothing on 109 wins
  16. You know if those guys are who we want them to be, that’s a 108-110 win lineup easy
  17. That’s what I’m wondering. Eloy playing more RF and Burger getting ABs every game. At what point does that become a sign they are really high on Burger’s power/bat, so much so that Colas is pushed aside a bit?
  18. Dear Lord. Now that you mention it you almost have to wonder if they’ve given that thought
  19. So what wold be a sign the organization is pretty damn high on Burger? Even over Colas? maybe Eloy playing more RF than any of us wants
  20. It’s weird for me. I can already tell this will be year 2 for me not watching many games. Even if we signed DeGrom and Judge I’d probably still just check box scores, highlights and quick swoop Soxtalk every day. I don’t know if I’ve just reached a stage or an age of life that’s finally changed something. My interest is the same I think but the time devotion is completely gone. Is it all just Tony? Anybody else?
  21. What a great combination of words. I bet that was fun to type 😂
  22. Sweet, just enough wins to overpay with Colson for some older vet at the deadline
  23. If I had a totally useless laughing stock under-7 I’d probably choose surgery over death as well.
  24. Maybe all this insanity leads to 109 wins. f*** it
  25. Good on the White Sox to refrain from comment or judgement until investigations finish. It’s kinda ironic that if we didn’t have these large corporations the mob would swallow all the light out of the world at the first sign of any crisis. Who had “Large corporations as last strongholds of integrity” on their bingo card 😂
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