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  1. You what hurts man? You know what really destroys a team’s chances? Trading Dylan Cease away. So you know what else needs to really hurt? Trading prospects who haven’t performed yet and only have ceilings which remain hypothetical at this point. Ceilings Dylan Cease already lives in, cheaply, for two more years. Holy eff does it need to hurt to equal that level of hurt. Taking a wild guess here…but I bet the reason we don’t have a deal yet is because Elias isn’t willing to feel that same level of hurt Getz is by losing Cease. Propose something that hurts you as a fan and I bet we all can come together crying about what we’re losing and simultaneously excited about what we’re getting
  2. Man, screw pitching. I can’t believe I used to like pitching. So delicate to ever count on or make useful projection with. Tip your cap to the ace performances and beat the heck out of the pitchers in the other 140 games you play.
  3. I’m 100% with you. I really think our only sustainable path is Rays with maybe more brutality. We flip everybody at the 2-years-left mark. Doesn’t matter if you’re Robert or Big Frank. See ya. Totally brutal. We need to turn you into 2-4 assets. And then we spend money on FA to pack the pen. we never give money to our own developed guys because they have to get flipped to keep the churn machine going. something like this maybe?
  4. I like Mayo cuz it seems like good Vaughn insurance. What’s wrong with Mayo and Cowser for Cease/Santos? I see nothing unreasonable about that ask. 250 way above average, cost-awesome IP sure seems like a useful thing for a team with World Series aspirations but thin on pitching. Ooo how terrible to ask them to trade from surplus 3B and a first flop OF. Damn right we should get back two young guys with high ceilings but yet unproven at MLB. What on earth else should we be targeting?
  5. Fair then I hope Getz just says who cares let’s keep him. Why trade him for guys who have worse ceilings than he does. How does that make us better? How does fair help us short or long
  6. Exactly. People overthinking it trying to decide “value” like some kind of Keith Law type. We’re trading the proven durable cy young type guy on a ridiculous contract. it’s not ridiculous to want 2 guys in return. 2 bad ass unproven young guys. Sounds like Mayo and Cowser to me.
  7. Mayo & Cowser for Cease/Santos puts the lineup at some form of: Cowser RF Robert CF Mayo 3B Eloy DH Montgomery SS Vaughn 1B Moncada 2B Catcher 75M Benny 9hole I’m probably watching s%*# out of that team next year. That might actually bring me back
  8. Maybe hitting is the foundation. It gives you a chance to win every day in a 162 game season. You have to have points on the board.
  9. Ain’t a Sox fan on earth that doesn’t love everything about that team.
  10. Soo many. The bats they got last time around mostly sucked. So tired of 1 run mattering. I’d rather focus on the other team trying to hold us back from scoring. Maybe try to get really good bats this time
  11. This game is about scoring runs. I’d probably feel bored with a pitching return
  12. lol imagine thinking you have to make a post like this. Like there’s real credibility attached to any of this sports stuff. Like people are actually let down 😂It’s sports, nobody really cares deep down about any of it 😂
  13. This is really funny to imagine. And then to prevent Ohtani from confirming his real destination in interviews, all these fake Ohtani impersonators appear for each team, each excited to get going in spring training.
  14. Just curious. If we added Mayo & Kjerstad do we then have like 6 top 100 guys and maybe 4 top 50s? Thats gotta be close to the top system then no?
  15. There’s a path to have a pretty bad ass offense though, probably as soon as next year. Mayo & Kjerstad for Cease maybe puts us at least a top 15 offense immediately. I’m probably watching and interested at the very least.
  16. Maybe the goal shouldn’t even be to win the World Series, ever. We’re so lucky to be in a division where nobody really spends. It happens sometimes with the Tigers, but generally, it’s a cheap division. We don’t have to overcome a powerhouse. The bar for sustained success in the AL Central is to develop players consistently. That’s it. We do that worse than the others and use money to bridge that gap, and still lose. All we have to do is develop as good and then spend a little more and it’s ours. Every year. f***. Why can’t we dominate this b****
  17. I took the All-in comment to be a direct jab. “You were all in man!” Wasnt 2011 our “All in.” Failure?
  18. Is it crazy I love the Getz hire now. Doing a total 180 after his interview with Peavy last night. Funny dig at KW. This dude is actually solid and well-spoken.
  19. I forgot about the JFP—>JFP evolution. That s%*# sucked
  20. I completely agree but it’s weird. 0 WAR power has a value. I have no idea what it is but it exists. The proof is the Sox have been signing 0 WAR power almost exclusively for what seems like decades now. There is a market. Maybe a Major League Baseball is just that hard to hit
  21. Why Ike! Whatever will we do without this horrible baseball player?
  22. Totally. Would love to see that analysis too. But you figure if you’re trading good players always at the 2-years-left mark, you’re going to get back some amount more than 1. Trading 2 years for 12 or 18 years probably needs to be the way. If you’re scouting we’ll, doesn’t that have to eventually lead to overflowing surplus? And then since we actually aren’t the Rays…we can fill plenty of holes with money in ways they can’t. But this rewarding our young prospects with $50M can’t happen. Gotta keep them hungry, gotta stay shrewd. And why the hell don’t we just offer triple the salaries for smart exec guys? Money talks. Let’s poach
  23. This is where you go full Rays. Gotta trade him for 3-4 SP on the cusp and 2 years away. It opens a huge hole but we need guys knocking on the door consistently. Keep trading them when they have about 2 years left.
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