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  1. QUOTE (Dick Allen @ May 13, 2009 -> 11:46 AM) There are a lot of guys in AA and AAA and in A ball and rookie ball who can hit a major league fastball better than Lillibridge who will never get a sniff of the big leagues. So what is it that makes the Bridge major league capable. Speed? Eh.. Defense? No Discipline? No Can't hit breaking pitches or fastballs. He needs alot of work.
  2. QUOTE (Chisoxfn @ May 13, 2009 -> 11:44 AM) Maybe he could, but calling him up right now would be detrimental to the development of Jordan Danks and that is not something you want to do. Couldn't agree more. I bet you'd be intersted in the results tho
  3. QUOTE (Kalapse @ May 13, 2009 -> 11:40 AM) We have a 33 year old with slightly above average speed and a .250 OBP in the 2 hole. It's amazing how superior Brian is in every facet of the game.
  4. It is very possible that Jordan could hit a major league fastball better than Lillibridge. It's not like it's some trick pitch he's never seen. Can we set up some sort of Hitting challenge between the two, simply to humiliate the Bridge.
  5. QUOTE (Friend of Nordhagen @ May 13, 2009 -> 11:34 AM) Again, with Lillibridge, I just don't get his whole set-up. He's got the bat held high, with his hands way up above his shoulders. Now here's a guy whose swing is too long; why would a hitting coach let a guy who can't get around on the ball start so that he has to bring his hands down and then try to catch up? I agree man. Seems like you'd want to start as small as you can, especially with this shot at the big leagues he may never get again.
  6. Jordan up to Bham. Hawk just made him sound like a major leaguer already; easy there Hawk. Good to see he's up hangin out with all his future buddies tho
  7. Alexei with the best play possible! Stretch him out early.
  8. I just turned this on; I wonder if our lower 3rd will touch the baseball
  9. The Angels are one of the few pitching rich organizations actually. Saunders is not their ace, Lackey is, although Saunders is my favorite. I think the majority of you misread the OP. Pedro, Odalis, Byrd? This is the same crap everyone keeps talking about. "Plug in these guys for the season blah blah." NO. We have more than enough prospects to land a stud pitcher under contract. We need to sell high on some players/prospects. Plus we are drafting 5 high-end prospects this draft. Although we cannot trade them, we can replace departed ones. Angels need bats, we have major league bats..albeit that appears to be in theory now haha. Saunders Homer Bailey is too much of a project from what I understand, but good thinkin. Who do we seriously match up with?
  10. KW knows pitching wins. Contreras is out; The in-house options cannot fit into his long term plans at SP. We have a stockpiled Minor System all of a sudden. Seems to me a trade for a SP is in order. Freddy Garcia type trade. A guy who takes it every 5 days and gives 6-7 strong. Someone who isn't viewed as on the market, why, because he's a stud and locked up for a couple years still. I'm thinking a guy like Joe Saunders could be had with a nice package. Once their guys get healthy maybe he could be had. What are some other guys like this, that won't be talked about at the deadline? Buehrle/Floyd/Danks/new stud will carry us far for many years.
  11. Wait, are we forgetting that he does absolutely nothing? I can hear it alrerady..."But his OBP is always around .400 wha wha wha". He is dead wait on the basepaths. Still takes 3 consecutive hits to get him in. "But his OBP is .400 wha wha wha wha, that is such a great OBP wha wha wha, all hail King Jimmy's high OBP" Shut up. So a guy who gets 1 hit every week and a couple walks, along with 9000 strikeouts in that same week is worth 5 mil+?? Jim "I kill scoring opportunities like it's my one and only profession" Thome is a great man, but he shouldn't back up Quentin, who would really benefit from someone who could rake behind him. Bat Thome way lower, he isn't feared by anybody any more. Great guy, but I like great Sox teams even more.
  12. I don't have a tv so i listen to farmer/dj every game. It is the best stuff I've ever heard! DJ just owns farmer, but farmer plays off it wonderfully. DJ's analyses have really become something of substance as well. DJ is a wonderful broadcaster; I absolutely love this tandem. Give it a try for a few games.
  13. 1. Getz 2. Fields 9. Anderson We have too many good hitters. The one weak link needs to bat 9th, least atbats, period.
  14. All of this is really up to Getz. If Getz steps up and takes 2b/Leadoff then everything is answered: BA bats 9th and solidifies defense up the middle.
  15. So what does it mean when BA looks helpless against Vargas (granted the strikeout pitch was crap), and Beckham can just slam it? As i'm typing this they are saying that Vargas is just inconsistent like that.
  16. That's the first AB of Viciedo I've seen. He swings looked rather impatient, based on the 2 junk pitches he swung at. Is he a K machine?
  17. Why do you want Beckham to be productive for the next 5-6 years. I was thinking more along the lines of the next 15 or so years, and then right into the Hall of Fame, with a statue on the concourse unveiled opening day 2030. Slaying
  18. Are we going to get Type A compensation from Dye if he signs elsewhere? He's been either the most productive rightfielder or outfielder in the American League since he signed here. I forget which. I would think his 3 year average, barring horrible numbers this year, would make him type A. Would this be the case, or am I way off? JSticks
  19. I only want Jerry Owens to pinch run for the middle of the order in the 9th inning of the 2009 playoffs; nothing else. JSticks
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