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  1. I'm a prime example of post counts virtually being irrelevant.
  2. QUOTE (caulfield12 @ Feb 25, 2017 -> 08:49 AM) https://www.yahoo.com/movies/get-out-review...-155834435.html Get Out is getting a slew of rave reviews...satire/horror mashup https://www.rottentomatoes.com/m/get_out 132 fresh, 0 rotten 203 fresh to 1 rotten now. Naturally that comes from none other than... Armond White. https://www.rottentomatoes.com/m/get_out
  3. Jim H is a piece of sh!t. Just saying.
  4. Hey brother! It's 2016, so I'm rating you 1-2 star again in hopes that my vote counts! Take care.

  5. Hey man, just signed in to rate you a 1-star again. Take care.

  6. I ask every year or so, so I figure now is as good of time as any. Do I still have the highest warn rating of any poster not banned? I know that "warn"rating" was a technical term at a point in time, I am just curious if that still applies, and where my ranking on said list would be. It would be greatly appreciated to find out considering the lack of time I have spent on here in many years now. Much obliged.
  7. qwerty


    QUOTE (witesoxfan @ Apr 8, 2015 -> 02:28 PM) Yes Blowhard.
  8. QUOTE (Chilihead90 @ Jan 22, 2015 -> 02:59 PM) I was at the game his rookie season when he hit 3 HR....I think against the Braves or Phillies. That is all. No, no you were not. That is all.
  9. QUOTE (Hawkfan @ Jun 8, 2014 -> 07:52 AM) No thank you. This isn't little league. Fell asleep in the 6th...thank God. QUOTE (SCCWS @ Jun 8, 2014 -> 08:07 AM) Agree that is why he was not allowed on team bus after the game. He had to walk back to the hotel. You jest... Say Sale went down for the rest of this year, and out all of next season. Hell, Sale just misses the rest of this season if that sounds nicer. Now he comes back... and he simply is no longer the Chris Sale fans so fondly remember. So say Sale is now only capable of pitching like a damn fine number 2 starter from the injury on. Think even crazier and say he becomes a middle of the rotation starter, in comparison to a contender for the Cy Young, year in, year out. Want to know what happens? Biggest thread in all of this very websites history. The server would be destroyed on the day the news broke. The inevitable "Catch all anything Chris Sale injures himself" thread would get bumped for a decade at the very least whenever someone got bitter over Sale's name merely being mentioned. I know these posters far too well to expect anything different. In this case, they would sadly all be right.
  10. Makes you wonder how Sale gets disciplined by the White Sox for his temper tantrum? I would figure out a way to fine him, and fine him hard. A message needs to be sent that no matter who the player is, liabilities cannot be had. What he did very well could have been career ending. Think about it.
  11. QUOTE (Butter Parque @ Jun 7, 2014 -> 11:48 PM) There was absolutely no reason for that. Save his arm. The game was already over. So, they could have brought in the worst pitcher in the league and they would have still won? This was not a 15-0 scenario. Five runs can come just like that, off of any pitcher, any given outing, despite how dominate they very well may be. The game was not "over" regardless of who was pitching. Greater deficits have been overcome with two outs, no one on, in the bottom of the ninth. Plain and simple, as some have stated, the bullpen should have been up and ready, and once the first batter reached, pull him.
  12. This thread will always suck. Damn shame. Kinda like Pale Hose in general. Stopped talking over there because sabermetrics were frowned upon many years ago. These days, some have gotten the drift that advanced statistics are not satanic, but still too many are naive about trying to get a better understanding of the sport. Ignorance is, and likely always will be, mankind's downfall. Deduction people, deduction. Work your way from both polar opposites inwards. That is the best chance we have of grasping anything, and everything we attempt to grasp within our lives. Some may know it by a more archaic belief system, yin and yang. Give it a try, that is all I ask, as it will potentially make the world a better place far beyond what any of us can ever imagine.
  13. qwerty

    2014 Films Thread

    QUOTE (caulfield12 @ May 13, 2014 -> 08:52 PM) Which movie did you see him in just now? Yeah, he's definitely in my Top 5. For India, surely #1. About twelve in the last five days. Too many too mention. Qayamat Se Qayamat Tak from 1988 was one of them... which is their take on Romeo and Juliet. As far as I am concerned it is the best take on Romeo and Juliet I have ever seen. His raw emotions for his "Juliet'' is beyond compare. To say he loved her would be a disgrace to the meaning of the word. The ending? Superbly shot... gut wrenching. Heh. Also, I am sure you being a teacher you love the film ''Like Stars On Earth''? If you did not know, it was a rather personal film to him, and it was his directorial debut. His new film, which he has co-written, Peekay (2014) sounds rather intriguing to me.
  14. qwerty

    2014 Films Thread

    Caulfield... is Aamir Khan the best actor in the world? Damn man is a chameleon in my eyes.
  15. qwerty

    2014 TV thread

    QUOTE (Brian @ May 8, 2014 -> 04:24 PM) Am I the only one sticking with Orphan Black? I like some of the revelations so far. I live with a guy that watches 60+ shows a week... and he claims it is within his top 3. Just so many different ways to go with that series. You never know what to expect next from what he tells me, and from whatever I read about the series.
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