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  1. clevinger is fine but its one of those moves that doesn't really move the needle lets see what they do for left handed hitting, OF, defense overall, etc. Clev can be a nice addition when it comes with more
  2. so your analysis of the entire white sox chances to be fixed covers 5 guys? what about the pitching staff and robert and eloy honestly, i like reading it, so was hoping your thread would be more deep, but was sad to find it ended so quickly and felt unfinished
  3. so you need to spend money on peacock to watch this game what a travesty mlb has done welp, back to reddit links, but i really just wanted to have the game on in the background as i played some board games with the fam... ah well
  4. I realize no one on here wants to hear my sob story for the 100th time, but i just traded away eloy and luis robert in my main dynasty fantasy baseball league. Doing everything in my power to trade Giolito/Moncada/Tim Anderson/Grandal in the next 6 hours before the deadline. I'm done with this time. No passion, no accountability, whole organization is a dumpster. Just my 2 cents.
  5. then they needed to fire the hitting coach and TLR.
  6. they then went and traded for lance lynn in the next offseason... a half season too late
  7. you could see signs well before.. the machado debacle, the trade deadline during the pandemic season
  8. seeing the white sox bomb another offseason/trade deadline experience is a strange joy to me at this point. at first it was defeat, sadness and anger. now i just wonder what it will take to leave this piss poor organization in the dark
  9. great, the product on the field sucks, the coaching sucks, and now our prospects cant even net us a legitimate upgrade anywhere, lmao
  10. I just wish they would fire la russa/ hitting coach now just to see what effects would come out of it in the second half... that is really valuable information we are leaving on the table.
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