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  1. glad i SAT kopech in my three fantasy leagues. was seriously thinking he might show up and shock the world with a brilliant game today, but glad i listened to reason
  2. as a fan of padres and the white sox... padres are in a slump, but as a fan - i can see a vision to where they overcome it and make the wild card and just dominate for the white sox, i feel like they are void of hope. yeah, the al central sucks so theres always the hope of winning the division and getting hot in the playoffs, but their team just sucks so bad and theres no stars on the team to carry them. give me soto, tatis, machado in the playoffs
  3. Sox lose 3 out of 4 to Detroit hahaha i love watching this team implode.
  4. it would be a LOT easier to follow and get behind this team if our direction was to rebuild. right now its pathetic that we are supposed to be competitive when we are the furthest thing from it. of course, rick hahn, kenny williams, etc. all going to the layside would be very good too before a rebuild. but we are deluding ourselves if we think we can get be competitive
  5. This is a bottom barrell type team
  6. whats our pulse on luis robert? still dead RIP? we've given up? im wondering if i should trade julio urias for him in my dynasty league
  7. I hope rain doesn't ruin this wonderful pitching matchup. Cease vs Grod. Great watching. Please don't ruin it!
  8. These guys looked awful. Early, but man its reminiscent of last years struggles.
  9. hey guys how has eloy and luis robert looked? i watched the few WBC and luis/yoan didn't look great to me. Has eloy looked any better? just curious...
  10. I agree with others saying it's pretty stupid to start on 2b... Why 2b? Why not 3b? Why not 1b? Who made the statement that it needs to be 2b? 2b just makes it a sacrifice, sacrifice, score run. Other team, sac, sac, score. 1b would put an emphasis on steals, on hits. Putting the guy on 2b is the problem to me. I don't love the rule in general, but I've grown to learn to live with it - it is pretty exciting, but it's just kinda silly to do 2b instead of 1b.
  11. Anderson will fall apart at some point. He will go from hero to zero. Suggest selling ASAP to get some value out of him.
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