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  1. in the Army we used to say error code ID-ten-tango (ID10T)
  2. Has anybody tried rebooting and power cycling the White Sox?
  3. lostfan

    2022 Catch All

    you good Tex?
  4. lostfan

    2022 Catch All

    I hate that I can't stop thinking and talking about it. I will be doing something else and then poof we are back to that again and I'm talking to some random person about him again.
  5. lostfan

    2022 Catch All

    I was in town this weekend, going to hang out with my best friend I've had since I was 11 years old on Monday, only for his girlfriend to have to call me Monday morning to tell me he'd been murdered the night before. So that's been my week. Just devastated.
  6. I sound very smart when I just memorize whatever @ptatc says and tell other people who aren't on Soxtalk about it.
  7. Yesterday's Urgency Tomorrow
  8. I remember the '03 and '08 stretches he was talking about when he got booed, and I remember thinking especially in '08 that it was harsh, but also at the same time it was like ehhhhh he kinda sucks right now and he knows it more than anyone, he gets why he's getting booed
  9. He's def better than he was last year, still doesn't feel like he's pitching to his full potential though.
  10. I love Cease but his efficiency often leaves something to be desired.
  11. I hate this Finals schedule where *every game* has a 2-day break except one game. Now there is no game on the weekend.
  12. Well if we're talking about basketball the NBA changed illegal defense rules (as others have brought up) and banned hand checking because the pace of play and scoring volume was too low and it was becoming a problem. That opened up perimeter play so that guys could drive to the basket more often and the versatile guys who could do that while still being good from long range started to shine more, and eventually coaches started to find better ways to score than the traditional ways. Anyway my point here is that aesthetically, the discussion of banning the shift is basically the same thing, offenses are starting to get flat and dull, and they're trying to bring some life back into it. "The hitters need to adjust" isn't a real solution, if that was it, then guys would've done that already.
  13. Well in fairness to Kopech, between having Tommy John surgery and COVID he basically had 2 years ctrl+alt+deleted and it really was nobody's fault, otherwise he would've probably had that impact at age 23 also
  14. I always see people say "hit it to a different part of the field if you don't like the shift" and that's just not how hitting works at all especially at the MLB level. It's difficult enough to hit a sac fly, let alone drive a ball in the opposite direction of where your swing usually takes it.
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