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  1. To me, an advisor is worth it if you have a decent amount of cash/retirement/etc and looking for what to do. The benefits of what to do from a tax perspective, what types of accounts to have, etc can all be worth it with the right advisor. That said, let's talk personal investing. There are general rules to follow: Maxout company sponsored retirement Keep fees as low as possible Avoid leverage and individual stocks Stay in the game and compound as much as you can How many years to retirement are you? How risk adverse are you and will you stay invested during the bad times? How much reserve cash do you need for emergencies? Tons of questions to answer for yourself, but the important thing is (especially if you are younger) to not worry about timing the market and spend hours looking up individual stocks, the math is 100% there to support buying low cost index funds like VOO (as mentioned above) and not touching it until you get closer to retirement. In terms of resources, I REALLY recommend checking out The Compound and Friends podcast, which is hosted by Ritholtz Wealth Mgmt, and they have some great podcasts specifically for individuals such as Portfolio Rescue. I listen to 4 of their podcasts probably weekly, I'm actively trading and investing though so I like to keep up with it all. https://www.youtube.com/@TheCompoundNews TCAF - weekly podcast with someone in the industry to talk through what's happening in the market, background of that person, insights, etc. Sometimes it's traders, sometimes its journalists, sometimes its analysts, this is what got me to these guys. Animal Spirits - 1-2 a week about what's happening in the market, hot topics, etc Ask the Compound - Portfolio rescue podcast, they take questions from listeners (prior to podcast) and talk through their answers from a financial advisor position, and they'll bring in experts from their company to talk about tax, insurance, FA, etc. Maybe the best place for you to start.
  2. They may not even have to trade to get the #1 pick lol
  3. I agree with this, you still wanted to see more out of Fields even with the faults of the team. I'm still of belief that Eberfleus is a lame duck coach that should be taking the heat while we rebuild, and then go hire the guy you really want once you've retooled over a few years. That's the only explanation I have for that hire tbh.
  4. They clearly needed more than 1 draft to retool, especially on the lines.
  5. The program he took over, with the talent and success they had, Howard has absolutely been a disappointment.
  6. Gotta give Deion credit, he hired a tremendous staff to help coach while he recruits. It's a great model, he's got the name, recognition, strategy, budget, etc to make this work (though it's only been 1 week so far). I would argue plenty of those former players (Juwan Howard for example) have been terrible compared to expectations of those jobs. I don't think this is something that can be easily replicated though.
  7. Who thought this graphic was a good idea? My god, the incompetence in this org...
  8. After seeing how the OTs got taken, the Bears had to make their move at 10.
  9. https://twitter.com/ChiSportUpdates/status/1632619102140346369?s=20
  10. bigruss


    Before you remodel/renovate, make sure the infra are good in the house (electrical, plumbing, structural, etc). Invest in those things first, then do the more fun things. Save money where you can by doing things in your wheel house, as mentioned there are great videos for things like tiling, basic plumbing (toilet installs, faucets, etc), painting, replacing switches/fixtures. I've also had buddies come over to help with drywall and I learned a ton from them, I paid them but now it's something I can do some basics with. But don't be afraid to pay for the expert when you're uncomfortable or if it's a big job that would take months. Of course you'll pay for it, but I've found paying someone to do some things were just 100% worth it. For example, I've always done my own painting but I had a stairway and kitchen that needed new paint, and I had just done my cabinets and didn't want to screw them up. I had a guy who helped install my flooring who does a good job at a good price and he came over to do those two painting jobs flawlessly and I didn't have to disrupt my kitchen or whatnot for an entire weekend, trying to do ladders on narrow stairs with paint, etc. Worth the money to me to get it done right without the stress.
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