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  1. I've had eero for over a year now and no issues. Router, and one beacon. If you are using the garbage router the cable company gives you, then whatever you buy will seem great.
  2. I parked a substantial amount (to me anyway) in VBIAX. I'm not particularly risk tolerant, and it has the proper asset mix to diversify at my (and my wife's) age with one fund. I also have a bit of money in VTI which I am funding from dividends on the VBIAX fund.
  3. G&T

    The Beer Thread

    Depends on what flavor you want. Do you want a heavy banana/clove flavor? or do you want a hopped up wheat? What do you consider a wheat beer lacking flavor?
  4. First, because they filed in the wrong jurisdiction. Second, some of the delay is waiting for the blood work. In WI that takes like 6 months.
  5. Might be worth mentioning that in most states a breathalyzer is not admissible in court. It can only be used to gain reasonable suspicion along with other factors. Trying to glean details of a curve argument based on a breathalyzer is kinda tough since it has a degree of error. Bit of free legal advice: if you are pulled over, NEVER tell police you were drinking. No matter how drunk you are, and ALWAYS agree to all tests. Get a lawyer and they can make up a curve argument. Anyway, to me, and as I said before, if he were black, he would have been beat or shot. Literally, everything about his demeanor, and his stance against kneeling during the anthem says everything about him. He wants blacks to have their hands at 10 and 2 and obey all commands of the officer, but he does whatever he wants. How he represents this team is hard to understand.
  6. Uh...i think the story is that if a black guy did at a traffic stop, the cop would have his gun drawn and beat the hell out of him.
  7. 100%. Plus it is clear that he will have no accountability.
  8. WI has NOT been called. That tweet was fake. Well fake is the wrong word, but it hasn’t been called.
  9. 1. Why was the joke inappropriate then? By what standard? 2. Why, in his view, can't she have her shoulders showing? Why make the joke? How is it not degrading for a woman to have her clothes criticized by a man who doesn't face the same standard? And I've listened to him forever. He doesn't continue to get into these messes because he respects other people. I'm not here to convince you that jokes like this are wrong, but your defense of McNeil doesn't make any sense. It cannot be both inappropriate, but also harmless.
  10. I'm not convinced that's the same thing. To think that he doesn't go to industry conventions or have porn stars on for his own enjoyment, or to drive ratings, rather than some self-less act of feminism is nuts. People use services on the regular while looking down on those who perform them. I really cannot wrap my head around a way to read his tweet that isn't an attempt to judge a woman on a standard men do not face.
  11. No. The tweet shows that McNeil thinks lesser of people in that industry, and then compared Taylor to them.
  12. A lot of places have moratoriums on foreclosures and evictions. And given that courts are mostly closed, there isn't much landlords can do.
  13. This is all to keep one conservative judge on the state Supreme Court.
  14. I am only shopping where I can use Apple Pay.
  15. Local governments look to the feds on national health issues. Local health departments deal with food licensing and hoarders etc. Not pandemics. The response falls to the feds. Did the states decline the WHO tests? No.
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