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  1. and anytime he's attempted to do so he's failed to get the players to come to the club. It's a multilayer failure.
  2. Absolutely. The more I think about what he's done for the community and the club the more I dont want to trade him. f*** the money mismanagement by Rick Hahn. Start doing a better job of convincing Jerry to raise the budget or find someone else to trade.
  3. I'm positive they won't get another shot at it if this window fails. Even Jerry's patience runs out.
  4. To be fair and I just read the article briefly but Fegan is just reiterating what Hahn said a month or two ago about the budget and doing some pretty basic math. There's nothing ground breaking in that article that hasn't been repeated here or said by Rick.
  5. Letting Rick Hahn loose on free agency. Always works out.
  6. What talent and how far along? I doubt your getting major league pieces to help this team for either. At that point start the rebuild. Trade Robert while your at it.
  7. Yes yes...let's really diminish the talent on this team. I got a better idea. Let's go full rebuild again. Can sit and look at the prosect charts again while winning 60 games.
  8. Question. When the hell has one of these food accounts been right in the past 2-3 years?
  9. Seeing him in that Astros jersey makes me ill
  10. Need to improve the defense definitely. White Sox will start Vaughn at first base. Mhmmmm.
  11. Gonna roll with Vaughn at first. This is going to work fantastic I can feel it. Last year he was able to quell my fears about bad defense and streaky hitting. I'm sure it'll be fine putting him at first. Yep.
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