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  1. The fact that they are getting on base is a good sign to start with.
  2. In other news...the Red Sox pitching is...very very very bad.
  3. Still makes me ill to see Jose in another teams lineup.
  4. I don't really have any issue with what Tim said. I'm going to give them a little leeway to start the year to see what team we have. Especially after the Andrus signing I feel alot better. But after a couple of months we should really know what's in store.
  5. I'm curious. Why bring any of those other situations up at all if your not making some sort of comparison? When was the last time that the Patriots signed someone accused of beating his spouse?
  6. Why are you asking me these questions. I didn't sign Mike Clevinger. Those are questions the White Sox should have been trying to figure out. They don't need Mike from Breaking Bad to find information.
  7. I think it's pretty clear with certain players at this point *Cough cough this one* they should.
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