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  1. Think it's 1/22 plus a 20 mil option or 1.5 buyout
  2. QUOTE (Kenny Hates Prospects @ Oct 21, 2009 -> 12:46 PM) Jimmy Williams = Randy Williams + Jimmy Gobble? My bad I meant Randy (he isn't anywhere as horrible as Gobble is)
  3. QUOTE (beck72 @ Oct 20, 2009 -> 05:35 PM) Welcome aboard as well I think Linebrink should be counted on to be a solid arm for the bullpen--esp. for the 1st half. It's the 2nd half that the sox need to have someon else ready to take his place. The problem with that is chances are we don't have the "budget" flexibility to get really revamp the pen. We can either spend it all on one good 7th/8th inning pitcher or go out and get 2/3 good complimentary pitchers to round out the pen. As of right now we need another lefty and someone to take over that 7th/8th inning roll that Dotel had. Is Jimmy Williams good enough to be the second lefty, I know he was good when we first called him up but then went through a rough patch. Is Pena going to take over for Dotel? What about DJ do we move him out of long relief to help out in the later inning. If we do that then do Torres & Hudson fill the long relief roll? In my opinon our pen is the biggest concern this off season.
  4. QUOTE (balfanman @ Oct 20, 2009 -> 02:16 PM) Linebrink was much younger in his San Diego days though. Didn't Linebrink say something to the effect within the last year that his shoulder was not 100%, nor was it ever going to be. I'm thinking that Linebrink can still be an effective reliever, I might even say a key reliever, if Ozzie picks his spots with a little more stinginess. I think you said something about that right before spring training. If that's true his shoulder must be altering his mechanics to the point where where he can't keep them consistent. He can be a "key reliever" but we need to find someone else to be able to work the 8th alongside him enable to get him the rest he needs. The pen was money the first what couple months of the season, but as soon as Dotel started to loose it, so did Linebrink. It might be coincidence, but maybe he was feeling to much pressure to preform perfectly with our "7th inning" guy stinking up the joint.
  5. Look how he pitched agaisnt Cleveland over the weekend
  6. Ya it's killing me, been slacking off for the last hour listening.
  7. This blows, I stuck at work listening to the game on the radio and it's cuts away to f***'n Angels pregame.
  8. I at work stuck listening to The SportsBash with Erik Kuselias, and all of a sudden he's on the Sox bandwagon. This is the same guy who ripped the Sox all season long, and if I remeber correctly he said that the Red Sox would beat the Sox if the meet in the playoff's. I just can't stand this guy, he is the biggest frick'n hypocrite in radio.
  9. QUOTE(southsider2k5 @ Mar 10, 2005 -> 04:13 PM) Welcome to Soxtalk, great name! Thanks, been a long time reader, this my first post
  10. Look at Garland, we brought him up at 21 and he still hasn't lived up to expectations.
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