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  1. I heard this was ruled to be totally false
  2. It seems very obvious that Eloy isn’t close to being healthy, and it’s completely ruined his swing
  3. Is Baldwin a better prospect now than Gonzalez?
  4. Crazy how bad this team will be after the deadline.
  5. How did the ump miss that pitch on 3-2? I know the runner was going, but that was a blatant strike.
  6. I swear, Korey Lee is the worst player in baseball when I get a chance to watch him.
  7. This organization needs a drastic improvement in offensive talent. Hopefully they draft Cags and then get some core pieces with Crochet and Robert and Fedde dealt.
  8. They also mentioned Griffin on under-slot deal
  9. You could tell by how he took every pitch, he wasn’t going to swing
  10. wtf was Eloy doing…he had no intention to swing that entire at bat
  11. Didn’t know the context you had used in your argument, thanks for explaining. I agree he will get some innings next year.
  12. The mediocrity that some of the Getz supporters cling to as signs of success is illustrated to me so many of the problems in this organization (except Harold, he’s not afraid to admit someone stinks).
  13. He’s been solid repeating AA as a 25 year old. I must have missed stuff, but his prospect status has to be dropping.
  14. Vaughn has been a complete bust. Still a negative fWAR player for his career.
  15. That was embarrassing at bat for Vaughn. Simply no pitch recognition
  16. With all due respect, isn’t he going right back to the minors after today?
  17. I don’t get the Correa at bat. It was obvious what Correa was trying to do, yet the 2nd baseman was still positioned right up the middle.
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