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  1. The last month, I’ve said the only way this season can get worse for the Sox is if he had a long-term injury. Just have to hope he’s ok.
  2. God help us if it’s a legit knee injury
  3. Bummer is tank commander this year.
  4. DFA, AAA, AAA to start next year
  5. Korey Lee should have the same number of hits as errors. He’s not a major leaguer.
  6. Couldn’t agree more. From special arms to guys every organization has a few of.
  7. These idiots rushed back Crochet so he could throw a 94 mph fastball
  8. Brewers will definitely be resting players next weekend
  9. Marlins are very short on pitching these days. Really awful effort tonight vs Brewers.
  10. Also, wouldn’t hurt if Braves lost more this weekend and Dodgers win. Dodgers aren’t that far behind for one seed.
  11. The three pitchers the Rockies are throwing against the Cubs are awful. I think the Marlins are in trouble against the Brewers aces.
  12. Cubs missing Fried now also next week
  13. Pitching match ups really favor the Cubs. They miss seeing Strider, Burnes and Woodruff. Marlins get the three Brewers studs and Senga.
  14. Heyman mentioned Moore as possible fit with the WSox still in his latest column
  15. I still strongly believe Contreras would be a better option.
  16. Seems there would have been media witnessing this if it did happen https://twitter.com/markgrotesports/status/1704589982348832941
  17. It’s the Grifol Effect where the coach/manager acts like they have no idea what’s going on
  18. Only four more years of watching Benintendi hit lazy fly balls to LF
  19. It’s amazing how awful everything is. They botched the deadline badly.
  20. Some cryptic things on Twitter that it’s bad stuff involving him
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