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  1. Great win tonight. Announcers were pumped
  2. Wong also stopped being able to hit LHP. As much as they need a 2nd baseman that can hit RHP, he showed a lot of signs of slowing down last year.
  3. Also, Jesse Rogers wondered in that ESPN article if any teams would go after Timmy if they miss out on the big 4 SS
  4. Fields has looked amazing running the ball, but this unfortunately is the risk you take playing like this. Hope it’s nothing serious.
  5. Nbb then implied this was the bad news he referenced two weeks ago
  6. You didn’t really think they were hiring someone they couldn’t control?
  7. Lavine threw him under the bus tonight
  8. So many terrible front office decisions the last few years - Williams draft pick - Lavine extension - Vuc trade
  9. Red Sox maybe. Cubs want him as well. He will go somewhere he can play CF.
  10. Makes absolutely no sense to do that
  11. Oh it’s going to be a total disaster
  12. Like you said, rather see someone with upside like Clevinger
  13. It was so fitting for the whole season that he blew the first game due to his inability to play RF
  14. The complete misevaluation of his ability to play RF should have gotten him fired
  15. Yes, time to rebuild the rebuild
  16. Add in clips of all the players getting hurt simply running the bases
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