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  1. I was under the impression that Cowser’s stock was down
  2. Something to keep in mind with the Braves is that they never leak stuff. This feels more like the Sox using them for leverage.
  3. Jays fans say it’s the last straw? Kidding
  4. Every scout that saw him in the minors were shocked at how bad he looked. If you watched his highlights in the minors, there was a ridiculous number of weak flares to left field. There are a lot of rumors about his inability or refusal to make adjustments already.
  5. Because he doesn’t have power and his soft contact is alarming
  6. Two different transactions Pal was referring to, I’m pretty sure. The one in the works, and he also mentioned Cease would be traded.
  7. Terrible comp as Cease has an extra year, and he also didn’t have the health issues those two had last year
  8. Fields with a massive choke job. Time to move on.
  9. Need to find a way to lose this. Eberflus and Getsy suck so much
  10. Yep, let him play good defense for two months until Montgomery is promoted
  11. I’m shocked at how little he’s getting paid
  12. Just hypotheticals spitballing on here
  13. I saw someone say they were in on Nola. They probably want to spend money instead of trade prospects.
  14. I think the Cubs are a team that matches up well that isn’t discussed enough. They have young starting pitching they can offer, along with a ridiculous number of hitting prospects.
  15. I never said it was a good trade. It fits if they’re going to try and pretend to contend though. Carlson absolutely sucks. Would rather try O’Neill in RF in a lesser deal.
  16. Yep, he’s hilarious with the podcast. I enjoy Redick’s a ton as well, and Evan Turner and Iggy are great guests.
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