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  1. Vaughn has been a complete bust. Still a negative fWAR player for his career.
  2. That was embarrassing at bat for Vaughn. Simply no pitch recognition
  3. With all due respect, isn’t he going right back to the minors after today?
  4. I don’t get the Correa at bat. It was obvious what Correa was trying to do, yet the 2nd baseman was still positioned right up the middle.
  5. Only saw him a few times, but I swear he reminds me of Scooter Gennett physically
  6. I totally believe it. Sometimes it’s hard to see flaws in a swing. With Griffin, it is quite visible. Give me Cags or Condon.
  7. Colson just took three pitches for strikes in that at bat. He really would benefit with being more aggressive. The main reason I don’t want the Sox to take Griffin is I don’t have any faith in their ability to help him improve his hit tool.
  8. Getz needs someone to fire when season is over to take the heat off of him
  9. When you use Bleacher Report rankings to pat yourself on the back….we know the answer to this.
  10. I don’t think I’ve seen Korey Lee get a hit all season in the games I’ve watched. Oh well, those at bats the last three innings were pathetic.
  11. At least the Bulls are gonna be good next year under Reinsdorf
  12. Twins are basically better at every position than the Sox, aren’t they?
  13. Did these announcers not know Lee was a switch hitter?
  14. No issues, as he threw a decent amount yesterday
  15. Instead of trying to move the runner over, he looked to be pulling everything
  16. Luis lucky he didn’t hurt himself there
  17. Vaughn gave himself no shot in that at bat
  18. This is the first time in weeks I’ve watched a few innings. This broadcast is as bad as it gets.
  19. Also, that return always seemed too good to be true. Hopefully one of the two can be a contributor down the road.
  20. He missed his spot a shocking number of times this inning. Back to Charlotte
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