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  1. This will be the ugliest Sox season of our lifetime. Horrible team, pathetic attendance and a livid fan base.
  2. And basically have said he’s not starting in the majors on Opening Day
  3. He’s doing everything possible to alienate the fan base.
  4. Or the simple answer is everyone is waiting for Ohtani decide. People can take or leave his sources, but NBB said they were going to wait.
  5. The rule that a fan base can’t force an owner to sell?
  6. Give it time until after big guys sign. That’s been the plan all along and the only thing that makes sense.
  7. Supposedly Dodgers will try him at SS. I don’t think that will be pretty.
  8. My gut tells me Cease ends up with Dodgers
  9. Not a huge game, but Oregon St is gonna have all sorts of issues fielding a “legit” offense
  10. Heyman mentioned Westburg as possible part of a package in his latest article https://nypost.com/2023/12/04/sports/tyler-glasnow-among-rays-stars-eliciting-offers/
  11. His shoulder was messed up and he didn’t get to rehab properly
  12. Of course JR is there to talk about Leyland making the HOF. Looks to be in great shape.
  13. And no way their main receivers and running back play
  14. Eloy for McCarthy, make it happen
  15. Eloy to the Dbacks this week is a prediction I’d like to make, just based off of what Hazen has said he’s looking for.
  16. McLain is gonna be very good, but I don’t think he’s available
  17. OSU is going to be playing a lot of non-starters
  18. Every indication is Kelenic stays in Atlanta
  19. Could have just gotten Kelenic also, and then gotten more for Cease
  20. Just where is Grissom supposed to play defensively?
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