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  1. Matz, Carlson and prospect for Cease and a reliever?
  2. FWIW, the Braves are also talking with Tampa about Glasnow.
  3. I would hope not, he should wait for the big FA pitchers to decide first
  4. Arguably the best high school baseball player ever in this state
  5. It would be an amazing deal, but one the Dodgers wouldn’t do I’d assume
  6. Always go for quality over quantity
  7. I’ve never seen a high pick get destroyed by every minor league observer so quickly
  8. I think that happens after Ohtani and Teoscar sign elsewhere
  9. Because the Sox truly believe Lopez will excite the fan base
  10. I would rather the young guys get a shot again to see if anyone can be a contributor down the road. Let Popeye play 2B and Lopez at SS, IMO.
  11. Ha, no…Montgomery will take over for him in June or so.
  12. Oh you couldn’t be more wrong here. He’s being acquired to start at SS
  13. Yeah things are quite awful in terms of roster personnel with not much in the pipeline
  14. Lopez and DeJong middle infield…I bet Whit is acquired for RF now.
  15. Defense is important when your staff walks the world and gives up a ton of homers
  16. The pitching rotation is even worse
  17. Opening day lineup is gonna be something like: Merrifield, Benintendi, Robert, Yoan, Vaughn, Gallo, Sheets, Stallings, Lopez
  18. I absolutely believe he has such contempt for the fan base after they s%*# on his bff Tony
  19. and after next year, we will hear payroll has to be cut because no one in their right mind will want to watch the 2024 Sox play
  20. Man, they’re going to make this year’s team look like a powerhouse.
  21. Nightengale gives a Cease trade a 90 pct chance of happening. Nothing close though, as he thinks Sox will get two of a teams’s top 10 prospects. He also mentioned they’re definitely lowering payroll after the attendance disaster last year. This was from soxtalk podcast
  22. Why is everyone so high on Frasso, out of curiosity? Doesn’t seem to have the pedigree to be the headliner.
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