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  1. They have to move on from him after this season. The fan base mostly hates him.
  2. Good lord Getz has put together just a god awful roster. Sox are totally blowing this. Why is Justin Anderson even considered as a big leaguer.
  3. Good lord, I hadn’t been following much the last week. The bullpen is in total shambles now also.
  4. Swung at ball four, it wasn’t even close.
  5. Monaco was doing a college game last night and was excellent
  6. Imanaga should easily get double digit strikeouts. At least no hitter is gone.
  7. Good post, he better learn to hit velocity.
  8. He knows and thinks the Sox fans are idiots
  9. Just saw the clip…how embarrassing. He is as bad as the organization is.
  10. One of the worst teams in baseball history, and no one has lost their job
  11. That was as bad of an inning of slider location as you will ever see. He’s not a major leaguer at this point.
  12. It’s honestly so insulting that Grifol hasn’t been fired yet. More passionate fan bases would be rioting if their owner let the team just go to crap like Reinsdorf has.
  13. Dumbest franchise in sports. So many things are wrong
  14. Amazing they won’t fire him. I hate Reinsdorf so much
  15. The whole regime needed to be gone. He was part of the problem IMO, not part of a solution.
  16. Not only should Pedro be gone, but Getz might as well be also
  17. So happy not to have to watch this. This is as bad as the beginning of the season.
  18. The hitting throughout this organization is just awful for the most part
  19. It’s truly amazing that Pedro hasn’t been fired. This organization is in horrible shape.
  20. The number of bs calls the Cubs have received with replay is crazy
  21. Ramos is giving them no reason to keep him up
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