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  1. That was an earlier drive when they were up 6 and I think kicking the FG then was fine. I'm talking about the next drive when they were up 9 and just sat on the ball once they got into FG range. Unforgivable to coach like that in the last 5 minutes but even more so when you're 3-7 and have literally nothing to lose.
  2. Started with the last drive when they sat on the ball and took the FG instead of trying to put the dagger in them with a TD. Fields has been making plays all game and now take the ball out of his hands? Also, the defense not blitzing when you know your front 4 can't get pressure is killing them.
  3. Amazing how much better he looks without Cody Whitehair putting him in 1st and 20 or 1st and 15 with holding/false start penalties every single drive.
  4. Iowa's offense against USC's defense is the bowl game we all need. The resistable force against the movable object.
  5. That wouldn't be selling low then.
  6. I doubt they sell low on Cease. He'll be eligible for a QO. Eloy I would definitely sell low on though. Should have traded him last offseason.
  7. It's not all on Parker. Their WR are not good vs man coverage and Hartman has been less than advertised. Also the RB have been awful on blitz pickup. I think you have trouble getting a quality guy to come if you're pulling the trigger on the current guy after one season.
  8. Whether it was intended that way or not, someone with a visible disability is likely to receive the word "normal" in a specific way, and Boyer is at best ignorant for not understanding that.
  9. They screwed up by not getting a better OL. You flip flop Stroud and Fields and Fields is the one throwing for 400 yds and 4 TD and Stroud is the one who is injured from getting hit repeatedly.
  10. What chance in hell would there have been that Counsell would have picked the Sox over the Cubs?
  11. This offensive line is disgusting. Need at least 3-4 new guys this offseason.
  12. They should get a postseason ban this year, but instead it will come after the coaches and many of the players have left.
  13. Wouldn't do any 1-year deals, which anybody worth signing isn't going to do anyway.
  14. To me, 2024 is the year to put Sosa and Colas out there and find out whether or not they're for real. Struggle through a .150 April? So what, keep playing them. Start Montgomery in AAA and bring him up midseason if he's crushing it. Trade Eloy if you can get anything for him. Put all your free agent dollars this offseason into pitching. Figure out what positions you need to upgrade next offseason.
  15. Set a really high price for Cease. If someone gets desperate and meets it, you move him. If not, you keep him.
  16. I'm not convinced that there's an elite QB in this draft, so get an elite OL and a much better defense and then spend a year evaluating the QBs we have with a real team around them.
  17. JR can't be around too much longer. Maybe that makes the job a bit more appealing. I can't see any way in which having her isn't better than not having her.
  18. Fortunately the Sox are farther south.
  19. Bears should not be wasting either of their high 1st round picks on a QB. The last two Bears QBs to start NFC Championship games were Jay Cutler and Rex Grossman. Every acquisition this offseason should be OL, DL and DB, with maybe a mid-round WR thrown in there. Was a huge mistake to not go harder after Mike McGlinchey in free agency. Was a huge mistake to not try to trade for Zach Martin when he was holding out with Dallas. Was a huge mistake to only draft one OL this year. Get a better OL and a better defense and you can win with Fields or Bagent. Those top two picks need to be an OT and edge rusher.
  20. Man the 49ers are good. I'd make them the favorites to win it all right now. Shows you that if you have a really good OL and skill players, you don't need a superstar QB to win. Bears need to stop worrying about Fields and very aggressively target OL and WR upgrades (plus the defense).
  21. Salary relief and a relief prospect. Mostly addition by subtraction.
  22. I wanted Eloy traded last offseason when his value was higher. He clearly has no defensive value and swings at way too many pitches outside the zone to be an effective DH. Burger would look much nicer at DH, but that's too late now.
  23. So has the offense turned a corner or is this just a case of taking advantage of two really bad defenses? The defense can't be fixed, not with these players. Just not enough talent to stop anybody. Might as well gamble on turnovers and blitz like hell. If it results in long TDs that just gets us the inevitable result faster.
  24. Wow, that happened before my parents met.
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