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  1. I am probably off base on that but I didn't think he would have anticipated the actual audio being played over and over again on the Score for an entire day. Especially if he intentionally avoids the Score at all costs any other time. Maybe he just likes Shane THAT much.
  2. The first thing I thought with this interview is I bet Hahn never does another one for Shane again. I dont think Hahn would have appreciated, had he known, that this interview would basically be played non stop on every show for the benefit of the Score station. Doesnt Hahn refuse to go on the Score because he hates them so much? Maybe he just doesnt go on often or what but that was my understanding.
  3. I was thinking this. My first instinct was to think there is now way this type of move would happen for the Bulls but AK and Eversley was supposed to bring this very type of thing to the Bulls. Last off season the tenor around the league with the players seem to suggest that guys were now open to this franchise again. I guess we shall see now. They need to make it happen. Whatever it takes.
  4. They are coming out this week to treat the effected areas and then spray around the perimeter of the house. We are out a couple grand but hopefully it will stop the problem now before it becomes too bad. My wife has obsessed about it since it was discovered so these dudes cant get out here soon enough as far as I am concerned.
  5. I just found out recently that I can use my Marianos rewards number at any BP or Amoco gas station and get a dollar off per gallon of gas. I have used it twice so far and saved big. I am sure that I have probably racked up a good amount of points since I have been using my Marianos rewards card for all my grocery shopping for the past couple years but those will probably run dry after a few times using them towards my gas I'd imagine. Anyways, just an FYI for the Mariano shoppers if u didnt know already.
  6. shipps


    Congrats! Be prepared to spend money on stuff that wasn't even on your radar when you bought it. Other than that just enjoy. Its all yours so like Kyle said make it feel as much as like "you" as you can.
  7. Yeah, we thought about that as well. My wife actually talked with the owner of this first company and he came out personally to investigate. He admitted that his guy got it wrong, they are termites and he refunded our money from the first inspection. Pretty crazy that they would make such a huge mistake. YOU HAD ONE JOB BRO!
  8. So, update is that we had another company come out and check and they were able to confirm that they are in fact termites. They were able to identify where they are located and it seems like they are pretty isolated to a spot on our outside porch stairs and a some of the house wood that can be seen in the basement. Its really hard to tell without a trained eye. We haven't gotten an estimate yet but hopefully it won't be too much damage to my check book!
  9. omg that sound part you are describing gave me goosebumps kyle. LOL
  10. LOL thanks Tex. Actually, its hard to tell in the picture but they really don't have a pinched down body sections which was another big reason why we were questioning the pest control dudes analysis as to why it wasnt a flying termite. We are going to have another company come out just to be sure. My wife is convinced that they are termites. I do not see any evidence throughout the house though of actual termite damage. I have inspected all the wood in the basement and everywhere else that I could actually get to and I dont see any evidence of wood that is damaged or weak. Its all solid. So I am still dumbfounded.
  11. Recently I had a sudden swarm of flying insects come from the back of my fridge in our home. To me it was bizarre because it started with just a few of them on the wall to a thousand within minutes. I noticed they were coming from behind the fridge which is nestled between cabinets. When I moved the fridge out it looked like a bee-hive, just with these fruit flies. It was crazy and I am not even really squeamish when its comes to insects at all. The whole kitchen was swarmed within about 15 minutes. I was spraying them and they were dying fast they didn't appear to have much will to live. By the hour mark they were basically all dead and I swept them into a couple piles six inches high (not exaggerating). As my wife and I both were confused as to what type of insect they were and how such a dramatic infestation would come and go so rapidly we searched the internet. My wife was blaming the mothers day flowers I got her and anything else that could have lead to it being my fault somehow LOL. But ultimately we had concern that these were in fact flying termites which would be a big deal because that would indicate the house has a huge termite infestation. The wings and antenna seemed to be exactly what you would see on a flying termite. The rapid death seemed to fit the bill. So we called out a pest control guy the next day. The thing is that after he inspected the home and the dead insects he insists its not a termite because of how it looks (from the internet it looks exactly like what many resources say are a flying termite). He said that its some sort of flying ant. Plus he said that you would an indication of wood dust/damaged wood which he did not see. This was good news to us but the problem is, I am not going crazy (at least I don't think I am) that these things look exactly what a flying termite is supposed to look like. It was a swarm. They died fast. Its an old home. What do you guys think? Did the pest control guy possibly get it wrong?
  12. shipps

    War in Ukraine

    Do we really know what the "score" is in this war so far? I feel like the portrayal of events the last few days are that the Russians have come with a lot of their military fire power but have been mostly stopped from achieving strategic goals due to the Ukraine resistance. There has been a narrative that Russia is running out of military resources and in effect are basically "loosing" so far. Do we know if Russia has given their best punch so far (outside of nukes)? I am assuming they havent. I would anticipate they are just going to send in waves of force and the beginning was just a small fraction to what they are capable of? I ask these questions to myself because I have found myself thinking maybe Ukraine can actually be the David to the Goliath and beat these F'rs but I know I we have to be realistic here. No matter the courage and will power of the Ukrainian people it will come to a certain point that its just too much, right?
  13. Ivan Reitman, the legendary filmmaker behind "Ghostbusters" and "Animal House," has died. per TMZ
  14. They are going for it folks. Every season is sacred in itself. We will think about next year when it comes. Enjoy the ride and LFG.
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