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  1. FWIW Related Midwest has been looking for a solution for The 78 ever since they lost out to Bally's to build a Chicago casino. That was supposed to be the cornerstone of the development. U of I still has a research center going in there on south end of the development but I think the rest of the site is currently up in the air
  2. Incredible that the Packers hit on yet another QB and are then 4th in draft value. Night and day the way that org has been run compared to the Bears.
  3. How do they make that promise/commitment to any potential incoming OC, though?
  4. Love to have another rookie QB tied to a lame duck HC and probably GM. Good luck finding a solid OC to come in under Eberflus.
  5. The Bears hadn't drafted an olinemen in the top 10 in over 40 years. This finally broke that streak. What I've seen said about Wright is that he should be a fantastic RT.
  6. Look, the 2010's weren't the Sox's decade. And the 2020's aren't looking too good, either. But if we continue to place our trust and confidence in Kenny Williams and Rick Hahn, they're going to be right on track for dominating the AL Central come the 2030's!
  7. Just remove the cap and bump the upper class tax bracket up 0.5% or something if you really want to recoup the difference for high earners. Avoids all these messy graduated plans and arbitrary cutoffs!
  8. The KW/Hahn brain trust has a proven track record of success.
  9. That's a funny way to say 1.5 decades
  10. Someone made a webpage with a slider to compare the Webb vs. Hubble shots https://johnedchristensen.github.io/WebbCompare/
  11. StrangeSox

    2022 Catch All

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