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  1. Um, you ever notice that every Nationwide ad has someone singing that line? 🙄
  2. Will it get media coverage, in particular, national media coverage?
  3. I guarantee you there will be a game where Benintendi is the DH and Eloy is in the outfield. Easy money.
  4. Hahn is content to draw a salary. Everybody's worked with (been?) one of those guys.
  5. No way. Give me the over (OF). (note: not my opinion about what they should do, but what will end up happening.)
  6. That's the point. It doesn't matter what you think, what I think, or what anyone else on this site thinks. The ones in control will put him out there and there's not a GD thing that anyone here can do about it.
  7. Oh? https://www.baseball-reference.com/players/s/sheetga01.shtml
  8. Feeling like Charlie Brown on Halloween, I got a ̶r̶o̶c̶k̶ Clevinger.
  9. Pretty much what you expect from a Merkin, to add cover for a p****.
  10. Expectation - window opening, gonna be a good time to be a fan Reality
  11. White Sox don't live in that neighborhood
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