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  1. Not really, more will be than not. (at least not the franchise types the teams are looking for) This dude just gives off Ryan Leaf / Johnny Manziel / Baker Mayfield vibes. I see him as the type of guy that won’t handle adversity well, and the NFL WILL bring adversity, no matter who you are. Maybe he’ll grow up in a hurry, because he’s gonna have to.
  2. Cash Considerations will be the White Sox's all-star representative.
  3. Ok, I guess that's what it comes down to, because he has fallen off this year, so better to take a bit of time to get right.
  4. Wow. How does he still have options? 🤔
  5. “What do you want me to do, put in Rudi Stein!?” Not to say Pedro doesn’t suck, but we know where the real problem is with this team. So fire Grifol, bring in another guy, then wonder why it’s still not working.
  6. Just leaving it in there. Should call him Nick Cannon.
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