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  1. As over his head as Grifol is, I think Sosa did that on his own. Not smart on any level. Yeesh.
  2. That last concept always needs to be appended to any allegations that Reinsdorf wants to win, and assumptions that losing makes Reinsdorf miserable. It’s another form of the famous-to-me Cigar Aficionado quote about Reinsdorf’s m.o. from 1995: “Throughout the fall and winter, he was still driven by the dream: to create a World Series winner in a business climate that made sense to him.” https://blogs.fangraphs.com/the-white-sox-are-getting-a-facelift-they-need-a-new-head/ Being in the AL Central is really a curse for us. Jerry (rightly) believes we can compete for division championships and playoffs every year by doing things exactly the way he has for 40+ years. If we were in the AL East, we'd be in last place every year and be eliminated from the playoffs by Labor Day. That would be enough for Jerry to "consider" changing his approach. Now, he can keep trying to win "his way" with sycophants throughout the organization and pocketing tens of millions from international and gambling deals before we ever break Spring Training camp.
  3. To be clear; Jerry's statement of (paraphrashaving here) having a single decision maker named by the end of the season, he is talking about an EVP/SVP of baseball operations. He's not talking about a GM. He's not consolidating Kenny/Hahn roles into one spot (as some have posted earlier). He's going to name the guy/gal for the "big chair". Then that person will find the GM...... and so on down the line. After reading 19 pages of posts, my brain is a little mushy, so please straighten me out if this is not people's understanding.
  4. Now I get it!!! When Hahn said he was going to hire a manager from a team with recent championship experience, he thought Grifol was with the CHIEFS! Now it all makes sense.
  5. Hmmmmm, really? Watching on mlb.tv and didn't hear him.
  6. Any clue what happened to Stone? Jason has been doing the game solo for the last several innings.
  7. And we all know how well Jerry responds to be told what to do. He'll double down on his 40+ years of how he responds to fans........"@%#& the fans"
  8. Well...... if we deconstruct that quote, it makes a lot of sense. "Accountability" is not a problem. Similarly, "Polio" is not a problem....... neither exists within this organization.
  9. Watching a legit manager against an imposter like Grifol is a stark comparison. It's sad to see us fail at virtually every aspect of baseball. The sadder thought is this clown show of JR, Williams, and Hahn aren't going anywhere. They are why we can never have nice things.
  10. My favorite team is the White Sox. My second favorite team is whoever is playing the Cubs. Anyone that doesn't feel that way is not a Sox fan........ brought to you by an OLD White Sox fan!
  11. If we weren't going to get either Baltimore or LAD to panic and overpay, I'm glad we kept him. That said, he's a Boras client so he'll be looking for 5 years and $130+ million and JR will NEVER pay that, let alone to a pitcher. Keep your powder dry and put a deal together in the off season. He'll have 2 years of control left and hopefully now that the deadline has passed, he can relax and start pitching like last season.
  12. God knows they'll need SP next season. Get the kid into a good throwing program this off season, stretch a bit in Spring Training, and start him in the minors for April and May to get him the length he'll need.
  13. The "compete in 2024" talk is just posturing to sell season tickets. They'll trade virtually the whole bullpen (hopefully), reduce payroll, and make scrap heap SP adds in the off season. Then this time next year is when we'll see Eloy and Cease moved. They will call this a "retool" or some such BS in the off season, but it's really the beginning of another rebuild.
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