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  1. Perfect. Make him even more untradable being a Boras client.
  2. Ummm, I don't think he's "playing" dumb.........
  3. The only person that wants Pedro to keep his job is Terry Bevington. "I'm no longer the worst manager in White Sox history!!!"
  4. I was ok punting this season as the beginning of the rebuild. Signing a locker room full of "has beens and never will bes" was fine to let the kids develop in the minors. We are a whole 6 weeks into the season and it's time to bring up the kids?!? Thank God we hired Getz....... it would have taken a whole year for an outsider to learn how f'ed up this organization is and realized he'd have to scrap the whole thing and reboot. Why can't we have nice things???
  5. Flush twice, it's a long way up to Jerry's suite.
  6. At least we will get a great draft pick in the 1st round......... What?!? Wait?!? What?!?
  7. Loosely translated it means "I am sooooooo f'ing over my head in this job I'm just making s%*# up to sound remotely competent. Clearly, I've failed with this quote, I'll do better next time".
  8. The Sox need to put Cease in bubble wrap and we all need to pray to whatever deity we believe in that he stays healthy and effective through July 31. There will be injuries and lack of performance by some contending teams and a few surprise teams that want to "go for it". Getz set his price and evidently didn't budge. That's fine for this cycle, but if we don't deal Cease by July 31, 2024 then he becomes a 1 year rental and the price goes way down.
  9. Failing to trade everyone except Robert is malpractice. This team will lose 100+ next year with or without Cease. Get max value now.
  10. I'm so sick of listening to JR and Getz talk about the talent on the team. We finished with 101 losses! Everyone except Robert and (maybe) Cease should be moved if we can get any value at all. And to them saying "we're just a couple players away from competing for the Central division", just stop it. The only 2 players we could add that would make us competitive are Ruth and Gehrig!
  11. JR will never hire Ng and appear to be bowing to pressure..... or common sense. Getz isn't qualified to be Assistant GM let alone the GM AND VP of Baseball Ops. He led arguably the worst minor league system (by W/L record and lack of development) in baseball. That gets you PROMOTED in Jerryland. Getz got this job for 2 reasons...... he'll work cheap and do EXACTLY as Jerry commands.
  12. Talk about utter dysfunction. The team loses 101 games and the only change will be to demote the bullpen coach. Everyone else was part of the Grifol idiocy, a pipeline to the owner (Boston), or tied to our new pitching guru (Katz). Once again, NOTHING changes in this organization until Jerry no longer owns the team.
  13. Of course I was joking. If JR truly had his way, the broadcasters would be in a studio in Chicago (or better yet their basements) and use the opponents video feed
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