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  1. After watching what real teams with owners that give a $hit do to improve their teams, is anyone still surprised these chicken $hits canceled SoxFest? They would get eviscerated by EVERYONE. As long as JR owns this team, "mired in mediocrity" is the ceiling. If Portland hadn't passed on Michael, this stiff would have been run out of town on a rail 30 years ago.
  2. Would you prefer a) the exception that proves the rule or b) even a broken clock is right twice a day......or in the Sox case once in 42 years of JR ownership?
  3. But wait, I'm confused. Is this the type of move a team in a "multiple championship window" makes? Oh, I forgot. Jerry still owns the team. He sabotaged the whole thing by a) letting Hahn run the rebuild, b) forcing LaRussa on the organization, and c) taking his chips off the table from windfall media and sponsorship deals while cutting payroll. I'm an idiot. Wait until I give them an earful at SoxFest. WHAT?!? I'm out of here.
  4. Does JR still own the team? We'll trade major league contracts (Liam) for marginal minor leaguers..... and like it!
  5. Maybe?!? I think it's the first line on his resume.
  6. I'm sure despite the odds he'll pick the wrong guy(s) and give away too much for them.
  7. Gee, I wonder which way Jerry will be counting it? 🤔
  8. This. Grifol was the guy the Royals analytics people went to and said "please convince Ned (Yost) to look at this stuff, it's critical". Grifol poured over the data, added a lot to it, and then convinced Yost to look it over. Grifol IS an an analytics guy that was stuck in a backwards organization. He sees the value of analytics and blends it with all the other tools. To poo poo him because he came from the Royals is shortsighted, imho.
  9. In that case someone should mention that to DVS so he can ammend his story.
  10. I thought the option on Pollock was a player's option? If it is truly a club option, write the buyout check NOW!!!
  11. Interesting insights, thank you! Now I think I'll go drive MY car off a cliff! Seriously, I can't say many of the quotes surprise me. That said, having spent time in both public and private companies, many of those quotes could have come from any of those places as well. Hopefully hiring Grifol and (supposedly) letting him hire his coaches is a step in the right direction.
  12. This. Detroit could not pass on Hinch. I have some people that I trust in the Royals organization. They were sure they were losing him in 2020. When Detroit picked Hinch, the Royals gave Grifol a substantial raise to keep him on the bench. Once Dayton Moore got fired, the Royals were committed to let Picollo go outside the organization for his first hire. They STILL wanted Grifol as their bench coach, but certainly weren't going to stand in his way to get the Sox job. And before we $hit all over the Royals organization, they've been to and won a WS far more recently than the Sox.
  13. He was passed over by the Royals. The team that employed him for 10 years including most recently as their bench coach. I think that tells us all we need to know about Grifol.
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