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  1. You're looking way too far into that. He wanted to get Fields help now (which is what everyone has been bitching about since he took over)
  2. There could be. I'd take the receiver with 2 800+ yard seasons to get Fields immediate help than wait and hope you 1) pick that kind of talent and 2) wait to see how long he can meaningfully contribute. Wish it was the Ravens 2nd though
  3. yeah i really miss the motivation Mazara has in his sub 600 ops season last year and his current 700 ops. and lol on yermin and his 50 ABs
  4. Pretty big loss for the Twins. Wonder if this starts a trend of big College programs trying to lure MLB coaches with bigger salaries.
  5. If 15 or so extra pitches if what landed him on the IL, he was going to end up there soon eventually.
  6. The only thing in this game that Jerry cares about was the 30K attendence
  7. I wanted to go catch the ballgame on what looks like a beautiful weekend. Guess I won't now.
  8. Yea, right groin. https://www.foxsports.com/mlb/tim-anderson-player-injuries
  9. Fortunately, it looks like the rain got pushed back. Unfortunately, it looks like we have to watch DK pitch tonight.
  10. 115mph off the bat. 960 xBA. Out. I can't keep watching this product.
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