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  1. The White Sox are 100% in position to take back a bad contract. The White Sox are 100% never going to take back a bad contract without sending one of their own back. Both are true statements. In a wishful mind (not realistic) this would be the last year to push the pedal down. It completely makes sense to press here knowing the contracts that are coming off at the end of the year. However, absent doing the right thing, the only other path is actually systematically dismantling the team to where you can convince the fan base they still care/competitive. Aka, the Brewers trading Hader and Renfroe. Aka, us trading Hendriks and Giolito. If you're not pressing, you better be trading your assets with a year left on their contract to get some level of talent back. You absolutely cannot just sit around and be caught flat footed and get nothing in return for your assets if you're not going to pay your assets when the time is due. Unfortunately, this path sucks because the FO didn't properly stagger, draft, and develop a deep enough talent base like the Rays or Cardinals do to withstand trading away MLB talent/shuffle contracts. Currently the Brewers are playing this game, and have some OF talent and a deep enough bullpen that they're hoping to be successful in their first turn over. The Sox won't be so successful in my opinion. In order to properly do this game (the way Jerry wants to) you need to kind of do what Cohen is doing (not to that extreme) and spend to buy time to develop a deep enough bench in the minors where you can supplement and trade from the MLB roster where a guy isn't re-signable. At current we have ... no real SP depth, minimal to unproven OF depth, minimal position player depth. Andrew Vaughn and possibly Colson Montgomery are examples of (hopefully) successful examples. Outside of that? Just terrible, terrible FO job again.
  2. Or getting a young pitcher to replace Giolito. They're chalk full of those. Not sure how desperate they are to get rid of money v. return on their pitchers. Avi Garcia is also out there on a bad contract. Both are not ideal, just thinking there's a match to be made between the parties if they want to look that direction.
  3. Here's a name sure to freak out the board. Jorge Soler. He's got ties to the Royals and Grifol, the talks of how he had his best years under the Royals/hitting instruction, the fact that the marlins match up quite well in terms of trade partners, and the fact we know hahn wants to go after power. Now, he doesn't grade well in the OF, but it's not something I'd rule out in terms of throwing him in the mix at LF, RF, DH rotation. You have to consider his salary, and the ability to use that salary as a sweetener while maybe looking at a controllable arm that can slot in for Giolito. I could definitely see a trade where we go after a Trevor Rogers, Jorge Soler and then turn around and trade Giolito to another team for a piece. Just a thought, and something I wouldn't be surprised has been kicked around. Have a feeling these are the type of moves you'll see this offseason rather than getting in the mix on a guy like Belly.
  4. based on the names i've seen floating around twitter I am not surprised, but still disappointed this is the path we're considering. I have many doubts we'll find lightning in a bottle on guys that others are passing on. i like hendriks a ton, but at this point it seems like the only viable option to bring back real, meaningful talent since JR and team will not be putting in a real effort to supplement the talent we already have.
  5. Would love the internet to put together one of those clips montages of 1) Hahn saying we will spend the money, the championship window phrase 2) sox losing 3) all the backers like Garfein, etc. who said to remain calm, remained optimistic (they're paid to, so i give them a bit of a break) 4) a bunch of negative clips from the TLR season 5) us spending nothing this offseason/goodbye video to Abreu who signs w Astros/competitor. 6) ending in more losing moments over the next two years 7) finishing scene of hahn saying "we had a seat at the table" In terms of a rebuild and going through a tear down? I give the white sox brass a D+
  6. dude, quit having a boner over everything i say. you nitpick. kind of getting tired of you.
  7. I'll be the first to say it was poor allocation of resources for a small market team like the sox. (don't get sidetracked by the word small market - we are. big market, and even mid market teams don't make budget cuts in a "championship window" - we are the definition of the rays, oakland and cleveland). You shouldn't pour your biggest contract into a catcher on the wrong side of 30. It's a boneheaded allocation of money. Catcher and second base are two positions that need not money. Replacement level and defense are fine for those spots. Which is why i love hahn so much ... he loves to spend in all the wrong places... Bullpen - paying guys off of good years. It always makes me laugh. Bullpens need a few good arms, after that you're really just searching for the Anthony Swarzaks of the world you can ride cheap and then let $$ hungry teams overpay them to fail. Allocating money there is ill advised. Catcher - Same. You need a guy who can call a game, frame pitches, and can have occasional pop in his bat. You shouldn't be allocating $18mm/yr unless you're a franchise that is willing to spend Second base - can't wait for Segura to come along when you have more than enough replacement level options in house. Or even trade prospects for Lowe. Second base is a luxury spot. you don't need a strong arm, you don't need be athletic. you're basically an 8 hole type guy. So of course hahn is obsessed w 2B. Top 5 draft pick, spending FA money, etc. Utility - you get basically the same production out of guys like mendick as you do out of our friend Leury. But alas, Mr. Hahn spends. Foolish. But here we are. Hahn has basically gone bizarro world on spending/roster construction and now we have no money and our team sucks in the middle of the "championship window" All of that said, I think it'd make sense to give the fluff pieces around Yaz some merit. When you have a career of like what ...8? 10? years and there's one outlier ... i tend to take the larger body of evidence while also being cognizant that he's a catcher and older and sometimes you fall off a cliff. If money isn't a problem, then Yaz isn't a problem. If money is a problem, then Yaz is a problem.
  8. i would just argue that injuries do play an important part in that. I think we all are cognizant of that & a GM would likely use both last years information against his whole career to make a decision. Are his knees and power completely shot, or does he have more left in the tank? I'd think at 18mm on a one year obligation a contending team would take that risk for what he can bring to a table.
  9. Looked at Lowes stats, better than i expected in most places. Except the man cannot hit a slider to save his life.
  10. Which is exactly why i think you'll see grandal's name pop up more. People think I was/am crazy that we'd be able to trade him coming off his season. but if you look at the position, particularly on some of the top teams, they could use a catcher. you get a vet on a one year deal, left handed bat and someone who was constantly shifted against. (all the reasons i think he'll have a bounce back year). But i digress. I can totally see the sox offloading yaz to keep more money in JR pockets. Same with Joe Kelly. both are "terrible contracts" in sox fans minds, but think are basically market value and would probably be able to just offload onto a team. Of course, it doesn't make the 2023 sox better, it just keeps JR happy that he gets to keep his money.
  11. Have a feeling we're going to see more than a few trades from the current roster with a return of other MLB level talent. I'm calling this the Carlos Lee - Scott Podsednik offseason. I also have little faith that Hahn will have this team better on the other side.
  12. Just a reminder Conforto turned down a 1/18mm deal ... I know he had a shoulder, but I'd be shocked if he takes less than 15mm on a year deal. I'd venture he'd take something like 3/42mm just as a safety net on years if you gave him options out after each year (like nick martinez), but he's not settling for 10mm on a year basis. I was told my takes were bad ... 44. Michael Conforto. One year, $15MM. Steve: Red Sox / Tim: Red Sox / Anthony: Rangers / Darragh: Reds Conforto looked like he was on his way to potentially waiting for the 2022 draft so he could shed the draft-pick compensation attached to him after rejecting a qualifying offer from the Mets last year. Instead, a shoulder injury sustained during the lockout required surgery that wiped out his entire 2022 campaign. Conforto was coming off a down season in the first place, as his 2021 slash of .232/.344/.384 paled in comparison to the .265/.369/.495 line he’d logged from 2017-20 combined. Now, he’ll test the market with uncertainty surrounding his shoulder and with two years having elapsed since his that 2017-20 peak. The upside here is an All-Star right fielder with 30-homer power, so there should still be interest — just likely on a short-term deal. Conforto won’t even turn 30 until March, so if he bounces back in 2023, a one-year deal (or a multi-year deal that allows him to return to the market via opt-out/player option next winter) could still give him a chance at a nine-figure deal as a 31-year-old.
  13. While i know how this will play out, I'd love to at least hear that we made gio a 4 year, 80mm extension offer and he turned it down before we trade him and he ultimately goes on to have a nice career elsewhere with a ton of success. I can see it already ... Giolito to the Dodgers, Giants or Angels. Also before everybody gets up in arms about that being too much money, dont forget he finished 6,7,11 in cy young award voting before this last year where he had a 4.06 FIP. Was always hopeful we'd keep this core together a bit longer as it had promise. But alas we have a terrible GM and a terrible owner. Mismanaged funds + a poor vision of when to push the pedal down and make a few good signings this offseason lead to this ...
  14. 140-160IP in the damn future my man. I clearly say that i'd go 80-100IP next year and then move him into that 150ip range for the rest of his time with the sox and if his arm falls off or he fails, so be it. he's a cheap, controllable asset. you run cheap controllable assets into the ground when you have no intention of resigning them. The sox do not sign pitchers long term. So if the young man wants to be a starting pitcher you throw him out there and do so. youre so desperately grasping at straws to try and win an argument that isn't even there. Troll.
  15. Where do you see 150IP in this statement? I could swear i say 80-100IP next year. But maybe I'm crazy. This is a no-brainer to me. Crochet = Kopech coming off his break from baseball. Only difference is I would push his innings above the 70IP (or thereabouts) that Kopech pitched that year. I'd like to see him around 80-100ip, which, based on the timing of return, may be a lot.
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