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  1. Nah nah nah hey hey hey we suck
  2. Should've went ReyLo 7 & 8th & possibly 9th.
  3. Hopefully that double header 15 inning day sets the Guardians energy level back...I still feel we are in this.
  4. I think if the White Sox sweep Cleveland they hold the tiebreaker. So that's an absolute must and the team needs to sign Tim Raines, Lance Johnson, Carlton Fisk, Jack McDowell, Lamar Hoyt, Bo Jackson & Frank Thomas for me to really have any confidence.
  5. You know you are lonely when you post scores of other games on here
  6. I don't know about you all but I would've sat Yoan a long time ago.
  7. So we came back to beat Oakland in Oakland? Nice!! I tuned in the top of the 9th and they still pulled it off.
  8. Joe McEwcrap is now 3rd base coach for Minnesota White Sox?
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