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  1. Is this because of culture or analytics?
  2. The Royals. I believe they can pass us
  3. I hope Cease returns to last years version starting tonight, so Baltimore, L.A., and the other playoff teams that needed a legit pitcher regret not trading for him.
  4. “Tony’s still here. . . 😫“
  5. Just so we can have bases loaded with no outs and get pissed off because we didn’t score a run.
  6. So Trout can hustle down the line when it’s raining and not get hurt. . . 🤔
  7. I was just going to post this. I love hearing “old school” tell “new school” to F@ck off.
  8. I believe Cespedes still has an arm issue that’s why he’s been DHing. Wonder if Eloy will be moved up to Birmingham sooner so Cespedes doesn’t lose at bats.
  9. Any chance Trey Mancini is a trade option for the Sox? What would it take to get him? Not sure why the Orioles wouldn’t listen to offers
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