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  1. Another bandaid, dart-at-the-board move by a front office without a real plan. Yawn.
  2. If you mean leading a team of low energy, underperforming, uninspired losers
  3. Jerry has been the worst performing owner in baseball for 40 years with plenty of payroll ... he will get it right now because?
  4. One thing you might be overlooking here .................
  5. Anyone who still wears a tie clip cannot be trusted ... I'm out
  6. "a member of two American League pennant winning and a World Series championship staff with the Kansas City Royals" LMAO
  7. Don't agree with this at all. Hahn has had 10 years to prove he is a worthless pile of steaming dung. TLR may have been a bad manager during v 4.0, but Hahn's personnel moves have been downright horrific. This manager move is nice to distract, but doesn't solve the bigger front office problems, most notably, Rick fkn Hahn ...
  8. My name is Charlie Montoyo, you killed my father, prepare to die ... Like this move, why not, new blood, analytics background, easy personality, doesn't sound like a TLR ego. All good.
  9. Excuses are like .............. Good front offices / ownership make trades, acquire talent, to make-up for injuries when they are in the hunt, which given our division we were ... ours did nothing, because they suck
  10. Aaron Rowand, Joe Crede, and Steve Perry
  11. I'm not sure Ozzie speaks Spanish either
  12. Hear he's an analytics wiz kid .......
  13. I wish I could be in a position to be pissed off about getting paid like that for the past decade to absolutely blow at my job. He is a good blower, however -- maybe some other organization is looking to give him the autonomy to blow somewhere else ...
  14. He wishes in his early years he looked even close to Ron Cey with the Dodgers in the late 70s
  15. Not much there to be stolen in the first place ... poor man's Ron Cey
  16. LOL. Look who’s picture comes-up first: https://calltothepen.com/2020/11/30/mlb-the-centurys-worst-gms/ 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥
  17. Jason is the perfect network promote, checks all the right boxes in this day and age. He should negotiate a great deal for himself and all the best wishes to him, he’s a great success story and very talented. Like Major League, no one is going to be watching the broadcasts of this shitshow in the next few years anyway, so let’s find a Harry Caray, Brockmeyer character who gets drunk on air and keeps us entertained / distracted from the dumpster fire on the field ..:
  18. Cleveland front office good … … we have Rick Hahn
  19. The first step is admitting there is a problem. All up to JR to do that. Rumors and confirmation that Rick Hahn is a low-grade hack, who doesn't know what he's doing, is confirmed by his record.
  20. In other words, no matter how you choose to evaluate the guy, he absolutely sucks and is one of the worst GMs in baseball history, yet here he still is...
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