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  1. How early did they cut Keppinger loose? Was there 2 years left on that deal, or just 1?
  2. If only I lived in the delusional world where I thought Leury Garcia was an every day player and Sox fans would love Joe Kelly one day, but alas I do not.
  3. There weren't any overpriced bullpen pitchers available that day so Hahn said WTF.
  4. Any free agents offering black Friday day deals? Didn't we get Leury on one of those last offseason??
  5. I thought I was going to miss the gamethread freakouts whenever Colome came in to close a game, but then the 8th inning implosions happened. Soxtalk always finds ways to adapt.
  6. Free agent prices are too f%$&ing high!!!....
  7. A White Sox baseball guide to free agency....you're kinda not hungry anymore but feel a little queasy.....
  8. Boston is not only the 1B coach, he is also an OF coach....he's just too valuable to let go....who else in baseball has the resume for teaching 1B/DH the OF??
  9. That's quite an accusation there.....or did autocorrect strike again 🤔
  10. And Mr Allen makes em look extra good. Love that 1932-1935 logo too....great call.
  11. Are you double dog daring them?!?
  12. Sounds pretty close to last off season.
  13. Well I don't know what algorithms Hahn uses but I shudder at the thought of the return we'd get for AV......hard pass.
  14. Selling low on Vaughn seems like a bad idea. Let's give him a full year out of the OF.
  15. I remember that graph that came out that ranked the bullpens and the White Sox were 1 of 3 teams that had an "expensive and bad" bullpen. That should be a fireable offense for a GM imo.
  16. Once again, I'd like to thank AJ Pollock for declining his player option.
  17. # 5. I get a lot of nice feedback from other fans at the ballpark when I have worn my '47 tshirt based on the 1971-1975 road jersey and I am a bit vain so I will go with that one. Not on the list above, but I like the red pinstripes and love the red hat that goes with those uniforms from the '70s.
  18. And that is the real problem. Hahn completely misjudged KImbrel's value. It was just monumentally stupid to pick up that option.
  19. Plus Davidson can bolster the Carp's bullpen on days they need a little help. Good luck to Matt....just channel that opening day in KC big fella.
  20. Pioneer League Manager of the Year....congrats Bobby!!
  21. I didn't realize MLBPA allowed teams to offer Hard Carl a QO??
  22. Oh, that's easy....hop in the way back machine and remember how excited we were about the White Sox future a couple years ago and just breathe baby.
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