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  1. I'm sure you're right...I'm just a little nervous after Nastrini looked less than stellar.
  2. I know that starting pitchers' W-L records do not mean that much to alot of people but good Lordy Morty, Fedde at 5-1 for this bunch is a crazy stat imo.
  3. You could've just bumped my thread from awhile back ron, but you do you.
  4. Not gonna lie, I went to bed when it was 2-1 and assumed the loss...phone alerted me of 9-2 score and I was a little bummed that Fedde got rocked but then I noticed he got the win......ohhhh the Sox won 9-2 😎
  5. No deal then....unless they agree to outlaw the use of the Nationwide Jingle on all broadcasts.
  6. I can't wait to see why I don't remember Chad Kuhl and or did a memory dump of why I hate him.
  7. I saw someone the other day wearing an Abreu's Amigos tshirt....he did great work with them and I wish Jose nothing but the best.
  8. Great starting pitching this 4 game series....1 win.
  9. An extra inning win on the West Coast? I am amazed.
  10. Kopech with the win...that's nice. Should increase his trade value.
  11. 3-0 greenlight with Robert on deck was an interesting choice.
  12. It feels like the Sox score in the 10th inning like 6% of the time....opponents around 89%
  13. Are you predicting 4 bullpen losses in Seattle?
  14. Your 2024 White Sox...."Ever had a kidney stone? It'll get better. Give it time."
  15. The White Sox went 5-2 the week of May 5th to May 11th. If you remove that week, the Sox are 12-50 in the rest of their games....that would be on pace to win 31 games in a 162 game season. Tampa Bay has to look themselves in the mirror long and hard and ask "how did we go 1-5 to those clowns?"
  16. You think we could get Trayce Thompson back in the deal?
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