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  1. My wife asked me last night if the Sox were still out of it. I told her they actually could still win the division. But then she said "yeah but then they'd do nothing in the playoffs" Why is she trying to ruin this ray of hope for me??
  2. Ooh boy, the jokes coming outta Jason and Beckham by the 6th inning of game 2 should be priceless.
  3. C'mon back to Chicago....where the air is (relatively) clean and Burger can hit.
  4. I've put a call into Manfred's office...they agree with me that if either of these games are rescheduled Judge will not be able to play in said rescheduled games. At least I think the office agreed with me...silence is acceptance right??
  5. If the Yankees would like to forfeit, I am fine with that.
  6. Wife just got home....heard Beckham and declared "this sounds weird"
  7. At least we are "hot" garbage right now
  8. Trevino was an Allstar last year? Was he having a great year or was it just typical Yankee bullshit?
  9. Calling it now....Seby's 3rd home run of the game will be an inside the parker...you heard it hear 1st
  10. Seby makes that hat look good Gonna need 1 more Seby
  11. Those fandual responsible gaming tools seem like a good idea....also that guy in the commercial that uses them seems about as exciting as a Gordon Beckham in the booth broadcast
  12. Ah, able to sit down, relax and enjoy a game....s%*# it's Beckham.
  13. Being able to put weight on your lower extremities is over rated...
  14. We actually have a nest in the big tree in our back yard this year. I'm pretty sure it is a Peregrine Falcon nest. They fly into the top of the tree and disappear....natural camouflage is tremendous. It is very cool. No sign of any baby birds yet.
  15. And thus this Sunday feels so much better than last Sunday.
  16. I was just assuming that they are playing 6 games each of the next 3 weeks and so go 3-3 each week....but I could be wrong. Let's just stay undefeated in June until we get to 1st place.
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