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  1. I understand that most posters feel as you do. Just saying that the meetings are still going on. Let's see what happens before we get the rope for the lynching.
  2. I get that many of the posters don't trust the FO to get the needed help, but it seems reasonable to wait until the next week or two before going off the deep end. We simply don't know what if anything might be in the works. The WS are as closed mouthed as a sports team can get and always have been.
  3. Yep...the new coaching staff if the biggest and most important move we can make. The whole team needs a fresh start. Shake off the malaise.
  4. To me not missing out on TLR was the biggest failure of the rebuild era.
  5. If only you knew if Judge would do that for us. Ya just never knows, but if you take a shot at the silly money guys and miss...you are cooked for the next decade.
  6. There are 24 owners who are cheaper than JR. For the most part we agree on the rest. I'm sure glad we won't be paying Harper this coming year, however.
  7. You are obviously one of our more astute posters.
  8. Might just as well save the prospects and sign Judge.
  9. The best move RH could make this offseason was this overhaul of the team management and coaches. Particularly interested if we can get Moncada and Robert focused. Baseball players need to be involved and thinking ahead of the play or at bat.
  10. I agree with you that JR will "hit it hard" this off season. I'm not one to like these mega contracts but rather sign 2 or 3 players for that same money that the one guy sucks up. Spread the risk a bit. Mostly I hate all the JR is cheap chatter that creeps into each and every topic. Max Kepler, Madrigal, Bellinger, Clevenger, and Q would make a nice offseason IMO. Don't get me wrong, I would be thrilled with Judge, but he scares me a lot.
  11. Some trades are based on salary relief more than return.
  12. Sheets has value to us as a part time 1st, DH, PH, and OF when needed. Probably just as valuable to us as anyone else.
  13. I expect two moderates plus pickups like Benintendi, Kepler, or Wong types. Kepler is a favorite of mine, and you can pair him with any other solid player (3 WAR) to satisfy my expectations. I feel the FO might just surprise us with a big name, but two solid pickups coupled with Clevinger would be a good offseason. I am very optimistic that the new coaching staff will get through to Moncada, Robert, and Eloy as well. Pedro seems to already know that motivation is a problem to be addressed.
  14. If I try really hard, I can remember Albert Belle.
  15. I am very hopeful that this rebuilt coaching staff can motivate/teach the players to play up to their potential.
  16. Several teams have someone with the title. I understood the Tosar "promotion" for the reason you stated. Castro also needed a "promotion.", but Chris Johnson being brought up makes 3 hitting coaches. Looks like the front office is serious about fixing the offense.
  17. I was trying to work that out when you posted.
  18. What does a Major League Field Coordinator actually do?
  19. Boat-loads of experience with other organizations. I like it!
  20. Benintendi or Kepler would excite me.
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