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  1. Perhaps the 2 are intertwined but do you think it’s a big name/salary coming back or a big name from the Sox side moved to make the deal?
  2. Found it. (This is from 2020) Why NBC Sports Chicago is airing only six White Sox spring-training games
  3. This point comes up every year, and I feel like the answer in previous years was related to overlap with the Bulls/Hawks and the amount of production trucks or staffing. The Bulls regular season ends on March 3rd this year. I'm assuming the road games not being on TV are due to COVID like how last season they did the games from the home park with the road production camera setups. I'm guessing Jason probably has overlap with his other responsibilities so I assume he can't do a ton of games. Who knows how many ST games if any are in Steve/Jason's contracts, while we as fans would take just the game being on with no announcers I'm sure NBC Chicago wants the same level of production like a regular game.
  4. In looking at the broadcast schedule on whitesox.com it looks like all of the Home ST games have either a TV/ESPN 1000 Radio/MLB.com Radio option. The only "away" game with Radio of any kind is the 3-8-21 game vs the Dodgers which of course is basically a home game.
  5. Fathom, for those of us who have never heard of Garrett Richards or Burnes. Clearly a difference between money and a trade but from a standpoint of what they’ve already accomplished vs future potential is 1 of those 2 better than the other?
  6. This is the first thing that came to mind since he said his comment in relation to future Sox news.
  7. It is weird to me when I see people on Twitter who also post here, like as an example I had no idea @Kyyle23 was on Twitter until someone else I follow commented to him there. I guess your on Twitter as well?
  8. Don’t know how to post tweets here outside of a phone screen shot but did you see Stone responded to a tweet from someone and said he thought they were still going to make a splash or two? His definition could be different than a fan to be fair.
  9. Based on Twitter comments looks like Nick Shepkowski is done at the 670 the Score, might have been contract related. Seemed like Kevin Zepack(spelling) also gone.
  10. The SSS article linked earlier in the thread said: "It’s hard to ignore one White Sox source’s penchant for rewarding a racist and sexist media outlet, so let’s just say that multiple sources are revealing that Ethan Katz, assistant pitching coach for the San Francisco Giants, will take over for Don Cooper as pitching coach in Chicago." I'm assuming the author was taking a shot at Barstool with the comments. Not sure what hating on barstool has to do with Dave. Unless the author doesn't like him as well.
  11. Bob brought up the BAC and said it was equivalent to 2 or 2.5 glasses of wine. Which is why he said it wasn't a big deal in his mind. So I'm guessing if that's his take it might be the Reinsdorf view on why there's no threat to his job.
  12. There's a new White Sox Talk podcast where they talk about this. Has Nightengale on and he says it's a misdemeanor and not a big deal. Chuck didn't challenge him on that. Bob also said he might get 1 day in jail. Not sure what he's basing it on. I haven't heard the whole podcast yet. Chuck and Ryan in the beginning said they want to hear from LaRussa. Not quite sure what difference that makes in this issue. Both seemed to agree that unless Tony steps away nothing is going to happen.
  13. Garfein has a podcast out with Peter Gammons and he briefly brought up that the DUI happened and explained his interview was recorded prior to the news which is why it didn't come up. Not much else was said.
  14. Have you seen any Sox Twitter commentary on wanting the Sox to go after Lemahieu?
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