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  1. It was a dumb tweet that was deleted as this thread should be
  2. New manager bounce I'll take the over but 84 or 85 tops
  3. Sure but likewise if you take the people in KC that haven't been murdered out of the equation, then the murder rate there is 100%. Pretty scary.
  4. 4 Mark 3 José 2 Freddy, Alex, Wilson, keep the change
  5. Is Johno a real soxtalk poster?
  6. I don't think that's even true but okay. Jerry Manuel was hired in 1998.
  7. So Espada was 3B coach on Marlins when Ozzie was manager huh
  8. I just want everybody to know I had a very funny post in this thread that was deleted (I assume for political reasons) but if you could just take my word for it and laugh at this placeholder post I would appreciate it.
  9. I actually think they still have the ghost runners next year.
  10. Good thing it's a much less attractive job now
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