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  1. Gotta make room for Aaron Judge
  2. I don't think that's even true but okay. Jerry Manuel was hired in 1998.
  3. So Espada was 3B coach on Marlins when Ozzie was manager huh
  4. I just want everybody to know I had a very funny post in this thread that was deleted (I assume for political reasons) but if you could just take my word for it and laugh at this placeholder post I would appreciate it.
  5. I actually think they still have the ghost runners next year.
  6. Good thing it's a much less attractive job now
  7. A ban for endorsing Konerko for president seems a bit harsh
  8. It really does just look like a weak infield pop out but it bounces right in front of the plate first
  9. Is there not a replacement level outfielder with full use of all of his limbs somewhere in this organization?
  10. Yes, gotta give credit where it's due on trading for Mazara, Kimbrel, and Hernandez
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