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  1. Definitely little league fences but I’d be hard pressed to not be happy about Clevinger + Conforto at this point. Much better than last offseason.
  2. This. It’s just not that complicated. Some people around here need to watch more teams besides the Sox if you think Gio is a problem or overpaid at $10M.
  3. $10M is “big money” now? And Giolito isn’t remotely close to a non tender at that salary level.
  4. While I don’t agree with the thought process, signing Clevinger and trading Gio still leaves us without a 5th SP and best case scenario is a wash salary wise, likely a slight increase in payroll.
  5. Gio is going to be more like $10M. Highly likely Q will cost more AAV and certainly years. 1/$10M is not a huge bargain for 2022 version of Gio, but it certainly is for 19-21 version. If Gio were a FA this offseason, even coming off a poor season, he’d be getting paid. I don’t think a 5/$90M type deal would be out of range. Unless another team absolutely has to have Gio for 2023 and is willing to pay handsomely, I just don’t understand how the Sox get better trading him, and there is almost no scenario short of acquiring a younger SP in exchange that helps solve the Sox budgetary issues. Just keep Gio, enjoy him having a very nice season in his walk year, and let someone else give him the Wheeler deal next winter.
  6. And watch him turn into one of the best RH SP in the league? Nah, I'll pass. If you're gonna trade him, at least let him blow up first and move him after 2023.
  7. A good way to leave yourself with 1 SP in 2024. Trading Kopech right now would be nuts.
  8. JFC, Sox better be getting an awesome return on Gio if they actually move him. It is such an assbackward strategy.
  9. Ehhh. He’s not going to be nearly as cheap and is 37 next season. Johnny was a joy to watch but expecting that performance again would be crazy. I have no issues with Sox looking in a different direction.
  10. Would you prefer to watch Davis Martin attempt to make 32 big league starts?
  11. Well, there it is. Expect that to get announced next day or two.
  12. What CWS and SSK said. This doesn’t add up at all. But yeah, if your base assumption is 2023 will be similar for Robert, Moncada, TA, Eloy, Grandal, Giolito, Lynn, etc., as 2022, yeah they’re gonna be not great again.
  13. Pirates largest FA splash since 2017. Now that’s pathetic!!
  14. No. But it would be nice considering roster construction.
  15. An OF recently DFAd by the Reds that will be 29 next season, has had 1 good month in his career and a career 84 wRC+. And doesn’t even bat LH.
  16. Did you suggest he acquire Outman and Aquino?
  17. I didn’t even bother reading because you do nothing but assume the worst. But the premise the Sox as currently constructed would be lucky to be above .500 is just an outrageously negative take. But par for the course.
  18. Huh? Basically everything possible went wrong with this team last season and they won 80+ games. This team as currently constructed should win 80+ games fairly easily with Tony out of the way, even without major improvements from the underpeformers in 22. Things aren’t nearly as grim as you’d love them to be.
  19. I suppose if you’re flipping Gio for another vet SP it could work. Just seems like a bit of a video game trade.
  20. Ok, so what did that accomplish? Giolito >> Clevinger and you spent the same amount on them, and STILL need another SP. It doesn’t make any sense.
  21. Thing is, while Sosa should be option A if they go internal, the Sox don’t have to sink or swim with him all season. You have Romy, Yolbert, Leury, perhaps Mendick will be back, JRod could be ready at some point. They definitely have options there.
  22. How does moving Giolito help if you’re trying to compete? Who can they sign for less money that has more upside? The answer is no one. If you trade Gio, you need to replace him. That continues to make no sense.
  23. This article also seems to suggest the Sox are willing to spend. Which I think is a very good thing. In any event, Bowden is a hack and doesn’t know much.
  24. Buxton and Larnach need everyday spots. Celestino is more of a 4th OF. Twins love Garlick against LHP, which he mashes. Kirilloff will factor into the OF mix some as well, but he’s going to play a good bit of 1B with Aarrez shifting to DH. Also have Gordon who currently profiles more of an IF, but Twins like him as a super utility guy to play everywhere. He played more OF than IF last year. Their IF is likely to line up Miranda, FA, Polanco, Aarrez/Kirilloff from left to right. Lewis will also come back at some point to crowd things a bit, but this group as a whole has a lot of injury concerns. They definitely have space to keep Kepler around depending on what they do in FA. I do expect the Twins to sign one of the big SS, likely Swanson or Boaegarts if they can’t get correa what he wants.
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