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  1. Six or seven years is a really long time. The Sox have virtually nothing committed to future payrolls outside of Robert and Benintendi. The farm system is at least average, and is about to get better. I would think the Sox could be competitive by 2026 with a mixture of continued development of prospects, signing the right players (hah!) and some luck in the health department never hurts.
  2. If teams don't meet the sky high price, keep him. Its really that simple. Robert isn't getting traded until next July or the offseason following 2025.
  3. Robert would be 5-6 WAR player in that lineup.
  4. I still can't believe Beni is really this bad. He can't be this bad. Even if he can be a 1-1.5 WAR player, the contract is fine. I'd honestly rather just keep him thru 2025 than eat the $ for him to play elsewhere and bounceback to a decent player.
  5. I bet there is a decent chance he is a replacement once guys start falling out due to being unavailable to pitch. He's worthy.
  6. I didn’t pick him because I’m just not convinced anyone is going to want him.
  7. Guessing/hoping this is sarcasm. I doubt Sox will attach Beni to either of those guys.
  8. You can rest assured they won’t do that.
  9. Looks like Luis enjoys playing in Miami. Hope he racks up about .5 WAR this weekend.
  10. I agree no one will trade for him, but Sox gonna need him once they move 40% of their current rotation.
  11. Fedde + Kopech to BAL is my guess
  12. I think all of Crochet, Kopech, Fedde, Brebbia, Pham, DeJong, and Lopez have a good chance of being moved.
  13. Just let him play. He’s always struggled at first at each level before figuring it out. He’s still got a chance to be a second rate starter in this league.
  14. Right. If you assume Colson either breaks 2025 camp with the Sox or is called up in the first ~3 weeks of the season, giving him a cup of coffee this September won’t make a difference. Keeping him in AAA this year as they should and calling him up sometime in May or June 2025, Sox secure an extra year of control. Pushing that date back a month it’s stupid; he hasn’t earned it and assuming he’s breaking camp with the 2025 Sox is a very shortsighted assumption. But this is the Sox after all.
  15. What do you mean it wouldn’t dent his control? If the Sox call Colson up this season, they lose a year of control unless they option him out of ST next season and keep him in AAA for an extra month. Just leave him in AAA until June 2025, or later.
  16. Lol. Not too long ago you were questioning if Crochet was even any good.
  17. I would hope that the door is closed on Colson playing for Sox this season. Even if Sox move Dejong and Lopez at the deadline, Moncada, Sosa, Mendick, Ramos, Shewmake, and even Baldwin should be able to cover the IF spots for the balance of 24.
  18. The Os feel like a good fit. We all know the names. Plenty of combos that would be very intriguing, and obviously, Sox know the system.
  19. If the Sox bring up Colson this year, woof. He’s been bad at AAA. He shouldn’t sniff the big leagues until next summer. Wasting a year of service on this shithole team with this lame duck manager would be malpractice.
  20. Same. No one else to play really. Wouldn’t be totally shocked if some team grabbed Nicky at the deadline for a bench pierce either.
  21. Made a post in the ticket exchange, but figured I'd post here where a few more eyes would see. Heading to town next weekend with a few couples for a concert. Going to bring the group the park for the game Saturday. Interest will generally be low as I am the only Sox fan, but something to do for the afternoon. Are Sox currently policing upper deck / lower deck tickets with their low attendance? Hate to buy decent tickets for a group of 8 that won't care about the game, but I have no interest in sitting upper deck.
  22. Coming to town with 3 other couples for a concert Friday night. Figured may as well take the group to a Sox game Saturday 6/29. No one is a Sox fan but me, so don't really want to spend top dollar (half the group are wives who really won't be interested) but also don't want to be upper deck. Are Sox currently policing upper deck / lower deck seats with their terrible attendance, or can you realistically but cheaper uppers and sit in the bleachers? Otherwise, what is cheapest way to get a group who doesn't into a game these days? Wait until day of? Bite the bullet on Stubhub for bleacher seats? In the unlikely event someone has a group of 8 to sell, I am interested.
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