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  1. Made a post in the ticket exchange, but figured I'd post here where a few more eyes would see. Heading to town next weekend with a few couples for a concert. Going to bring the group the park for the game Saturday. Interest will generally be low as I am the only Sox fan, but something to do for the afternoon. Are Sox currently policing upper deck / lower deck tickets with their low attendance? Hate to buy decent tickets for a group of 8 that won't care about the game, but I have no interest in sitting upper deck.
  2. Coming to town with 3 other couples for a concert Friday night. Figured may as well take the group to a Sox game Saturday 6/29. No one is a Sox fan but me, so don't really want to spend top dollar (half the group are wives who really won't be interested) but also don't want to be upper deck. Are Sox currently policing upper deck / lower deck seats with their terrible attendance, or can you realistically but cheaper uppers and sit in the bleachers? Otherwise, what is cheapest way to get a group who doesn't into a game these days? Wait until day of? Bite the bullet on Stubhub for bleacher seats? In the unlikely event someone has a group of 8 to sell, I am interested.
  3. Been checked out lately (can you blame me!?) but what happened here? Looks like Robinson was added to roster 6/16 but was never appeared in a game and is still playing in AAA. Just added to 40 man but left in Charlotte?
  4. Sox adding third catcher is interesting
  5. It’s gonna hurt when Robert puts up 15 WAR for another team from 25-27.
  6. Thankfully they control him for 3.5 more seasons. Getz has no reason whatsoever to accept a lowball.
  7. Seems like a weird time to push Robert but here we are
  8. 40 man yes, but not active. But yah, forgot about him for a second. Guessing they'd rather him play everyday, and Ellis is a perfect pinch runner. Idk, doesn't make a ton of sense but that must be the logic.
  9. I think they need an OF. Reading tea leaves I think Fletcher and AV hit the IL. Which means Gavin is playing 1B, even tho he isn’t an OF, that leaves Pham, Robert and Colas covering the OF. Which is actually a good thing, but do need a 4th OF. Baldwin can play OF, but he’s mainly played IF this season.
  10. https://x.com/cst_soxvan/status/1798042263916007626?s=46&t=ZsD-oMA2yHZYnWZDZsTK_w AV must be hitting the IL.
  11. No other OF on the 40 man, so this feels like a Fletcher IL stint and Robert not being ready. Or maybe Robert takes Vaughn's spot and he is headed to IL as well.
  12. Why? They demoting Colas again? Or perhaps Fletcher is actually hurt.
  13. Much more likely that they'll try to claim tampering by Getz than admit they were wrong.
  14. Glad to see Oscar get a chance. He should get a lot of PT next few months imo.
  15. Both Lee and Ramos are in fact riding line today. What happened with Ramos tho? Admit I did not watch closely this weekend. He make some Pedro comment too?
  16. He’ll be fine. No reason for him to debut until May 2025, tho.
  17. I am all for firing Pedro. But do something other than Montoyo on an interim basis. Jirschele or Sizemore.
  18. Did Getz have a media session this afternoon?
  19. Nah. They should just play him at the big league level tbh. It would be nice for Oscar to earn it first in AAA, but let’s face it, he’s not returning much. I still feel his opportunity will come this season, but it’s obvious he’s made very few fans in the org. Sox trade a 25 year old Colas for a minimal return with the ability to option him for 1.75 more seasons and he probably turns into a 2 WAR OF. Just let him play RF, especially with Eloy hurt again.
  20. Colas did get pinch hit for tonight, fwiw.
  21. Haha considered making that joke in there because it’s so true.
  22. We’re going to find out tomorrow just how much the Sox hate Colas. He’s really the only 40 man option besides DeLoach.
  23. Only 4 more months we need to worry about Eloy. Biggest bust of the rebuild imo. Sad, really.
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