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  1. Yes. He’d have another year of arb control in 25, if they want it. Also, Sox will owe Senzel prorated amount of league min. Anything they pay will come off the $2M the Nats owe.
  2. For those saying Shewmake, he’s hurt and hasn’t played in weeks.
  3. The timing of this is pretty comical.
  4. Not sure what his ailment is Shewmake has been on IL in AAA for awhile. In any event, would imagine Baldwin gets a shot before Shewmake gets another.
  5. I think you can remove the probably and frankly the rest of the statement except complain and you’d be right 100% of the time.
  6. He’s played more MLB innings in CF than anywhere else combined including both OF spots, 3B and 2B.
  7. I would have been fine with Cags but using another top pick on a 1B would have been risky.
  8. Im personally not enamored with a guy that has 1.2 years of service already as a return for Crochet. I’d want both Dominguez and Jones to even get the Yanks to the table.
  9. $20M is an absolute bargain for Luis Robert. Stop this non sense.
  10. Difo? Gross. Just let Moncada play. Will be plenty of at bats for a guy like Baldwin once DeJong and Lopez are moved, even if Moncada is playing 3B most days.
  11. Very good sign for Kopech and the trade market in general
  12. Thankfully a lot of those "mid" guys either come with super cheap deals or some control, or both. I could truly see any of Banks, Brebbia, Flexen, Kopech, Soroka, DeJong, Lopez, AV, Pham and Sheets moved. Pham, Kopech, DeJong, AV, Brebbia and even Banks would/should all return something of interest, imo.
  13. Agreed. With a 1.5 years of control and an arm like that, you can get a pretty good prospect imo.
  14. This is absolutely unequivocally how Getz should handle those 2 players.
  15. While I don't disagree there is a fairly substantial talent difference between the two major league clubs at the moment, using Santana and Wallner as examples is pretty comical. Also lets maybe pump the brakes a tad on Lee, guy has 35 MLB plate appearances. He sure looks like he's going be a good player, but long way to go before calling him a perennial all star. Correa is indeed a great player though. Twins got lucky with how that FA pursuit played out. Still a decent bit of risk in that contract for the Twins who generally spend even less $ than the Sox, and Correa does get a hurt a lot and the ankle problem still exists.
  16. Soon enough. I know you have them both being DFA in August, but I doubt that. Would sure be nice if Eloy would give a parting gift and get red hot the next couple weeks...
  17. Moncada just doesn't matter any more. Its like having a $1 lottery ticket and not scratching it off because you don't think it'll cash out anything. Chances are remote that it will, but whats the harm? If he hurts himself pushing it too hard to come back, you're in the same spot you're in taking it easy with him. It really doesn't matter - he's gone after 2024 regardless.
  18. Lol what’s the harm here? If he gets hurt again, so what. May as well ride him like mule at this point. Realistically Yoan isn’t getting traded due to the economics, but maybe he comes back, gets hot and someone is persuaded to give the Sox a lottery ticket on deadline day and Sox save a few mill to throw at a reliever in the offseason. Theres really no harm here.
  19. Both Painter and Crawford are 55 FV prospects, fwiw. So the math doesn't really check out here.
  20. He's been an average 3 WAR player WITH all the injuries. That's the point. Even if Robert averages ~115 games the from 2025-2027 and does not really improve on his average season from 21-24, he's still a bargain at $18M AAV. You also have him for the last 2.5 months of 2024. But the acquiring team now holds all the upside, with cost certainly (and downside protection with the options), and putting him on a team that better prepares him to succeed won't hurt. I can understand why an opposing GM would be cautious; Robert has never really fully figured it out and goes weeks without looking like he knows how to hit major league pitching and is often injured. He is not a perfect player. But he is certainly a player you can dream on, and even if he just is what he is, that is still a VERY valuable player.
  21. It is factored in. $18M AAV from 25-27 is a bargain for Robert. Even factoring in his injury history, he's still over a 3 fWAR player the past four seasons with the upside for 5+ if he plays 150. Imagine if he actually figure it all out. Plus the last two years are options, so the acquiring team has protection for a brutal injury.
  22. If Robert puts in a 2023 type season (and he's certainly capable of more) in the first half of 2025, he's worth a lot more than he is right now. There is no rush to take the best offer for Robert this July. If someone gets aggressive and makes an offer you can't refuse, by all means trade him. I certainly understand the risk in keeping him. But he's still just 26 and his enormous upside potential - the value will always be there, and the control is long enough that they could even withstand a somewhat serious injury and still get a nice return in a couple years.
  23. Wilson had 2 full years of service heading into 2024. He's got plenty of control (and optioning his could create more), so they have plenty of time to turn him into a viable trade asset. He really hasn't been that great this season, and they do need relievers, and he is cheap, so no reason why you can't hold him through 2025.
  24. Very interesting choice with Wilson. One thing to consider, if he spends about 3 weeks in the minors Sox will get another year of control and he'd be controlled through 2028, instead of 2027.
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