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  1. It’s honestly been better this year. Still below average tho.
  2. Sitting Pham is certainly an interesting decision.
  3. It’s getting Sports Guy-level bad in terms of downgrading the enjoyability of reading through threads.
  4. Do you two have to do this every single thread?
  5. I only caught the first 6 innings last night before I left to go watch the Twolves smack around the Suns with buddies, but I enjoyed Apple TV broadcast. They have cool camera angles and outside of the on field reporter, the announcers were solid and seemed to have decent knowledge of the 3-22 white sox. Honestly, better than listening to Schriffen try to get us excited over a fly out that doesn’t make it to the warning track.
  6. Usually able to find videos of the full interview, but can’t find anything yet. If anyone sees one, please post. Thanks in advance.
  7. Raised that OPS up to .262! He’s smokin’!!
  8. Refreshing to not have an ump call every close ball a strike. Makes a big difference.
  9. I mean not really. He’s actually not a good OF at all. Demoting Fletcher for Ortega is flat out terrible.
  10. Vaughn looks like a high schooler trying to hit major league pitching
  11. What does Rafael Ortega accomplish?
  12. If anyone finds a full video of Getz media session today, please post.
  13. Let pieces of the future play, along with some vets, rather than a team full of 30+ scrubs that have no future with the org. Its stupid. And that is coming from one of the more positive posters around here.
  14. I would bet that he does not clear waivers.
  15. It just doesn't make any sense. I cannot wait for this press conference, even though I know none of the hard questions will be asked.
  16. I expected Fletcher to get bounced, but really hoped I'd be wrong. The Ortega moves makes no sense. And I know Horn has been terrible, but how'd he go before Justin Anderson? I truly have no fucking clue what Getz vision is here.
  17. Moncada would have stayed at 2B, or Machado plays SS, TA moves to 2B and Moncada 3B. Its a good problem to have. That was not the reason Machado didn't sign with the Sox. Moncada-Machado-Anderson would have been the best set up in the short term.
  18. Yeah, I mean that’s why he played that next season with a fresh black and grey glove and posted a picture of his kid all decked out in Sox gear a few days before he signed with the Padres. Machado to Sox was nearly done. He wanted more money tho, and Padres came in last minute and met the ask and Sox thought it was a bluff. Of course Machado will say those things after the fact. FWIW - I am not defending the Sox here. They totally fucked the Machado situation, and then spent that $50M on ridiculous things the next 2 seasons. To me, missing on Machado and Harper was where things began to go wrong. But really, the main reason things have gone wrong is lack of health and development from the once elite prospects.
  19. While that trade was terrible, Tatis wasn't even the main part of the deal. The Padres mostly just got really lucky (and the Sox unlucky). But the bolded part is just flat wrong. Machado signed with the Padres over the Sox because they paid him $50 more. Its really that simple. It had nothing to do with Tatis.
  20. GMs speak with the media at the beginning of most homestands. Since our beat writers are a bunch on wimps, it'll be a series of softball questions.
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