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  1. Sox won’t release Moncada during the season. He is one of the few actual big leaguers on this roster. He is also not tradable. In the unlikely scenario where Ramos grabs ahold of 3B in the next two months, they’d probably move Yoan around the diamond for the rest of the season. It’s just tough to do that because he’s far and away the best defensive 3B in the org.
  2. My guess is Mendick is hurt and they don’t want to call up Sosa again and therefore Ramos is really the only 40 man option. I bet he’s only up for a couple days until Getz can acquire another 32+ year old looking for a job.
  3. I honestly couldn't have more confidence that he'd be a better manager, and I know absolutely nothing about Sizemore post playing career. But he was a great player, is young, is likeable, seems like he could connect with the players. This roster is bad, but I just don't get the lame duck BS with Pedro. Everything he has preached hasn't worked or come to fruition. Quite the oppose in fact. If you don't want to pay for a new manager, just give the job to Sizemore. You're paying him anyway. I'd like that way more than Montoyo - let him stay in his role.
  4. Pretty sure Keller literally walked the first two batters he faced the other night.
  5. Give Grady Sizemore the job. Because why the hell not.
  6. I’ve seen enough DeJong. Send him to the moon. If he can’t field his position he is worthless.
  7. I am certainly not in support of how Getz has managed the roster, but Thompson still sucks. 1.4 WHIP and 7.2 BB/9 (SSS, but highest of career) just isn't going to play. Guy can't throw a strike to save his life.
  8. Appears Remillard has cleared waivers and accepted his outright assignment to Charlotte (he had the right to decline with a previous outright). Good news for AAA Charlotte and general depth.
  9. Besides Pillar, no one is happier than Jerry. He saves the pro rated minimum for days Pillar is on LAAs roster. Kevin has a new super fan!
  10. Legit curious to see if Pedro’s sticks with Ortega Va Lee here
  11. Cash considerations strike again
  12. This is pretty much where I am at. I want the Sox to win, but I am moving on quickly after a loss (and have been since about game 8), which I admit I don't always do when the games matter. Obviously, these games don't matter already, which sucks, but there is still something to root for. Fedde, Eloy, Pham and several relievers could return something of interest this summer. Even the less interesting vets could perhaps return a lottery ticket with a nice couple months. Even though I don't really agree with the roster construction or thought process behind it, doesn't mean I need to root for it to crash and burn. I'd rather watch them win than lose, and I'd rather watch Getz have success than not. I can certainly understand the line of thought behind a 20-142 type season having ripple effects that could cause change, but this is Jerry Reinsdorf at the helm. The only thing effectuating meaningful change is when he or his family sells. It all likelihood, that is at least a half decade away - no point is being miserable about the Sox daily until then.
  13. Very winnable game last night.
  14. It’s honestly been better this year. Still below average tho.
  15. Sitting Pham is certainly an interesting decision.
  16. It’s getting Sports Guy-level bad in terms of downgrading the enjoyability of reading through threads.
  17. Do you two have to do this every single thread?
  18. I only caught the first 6 innings last night before I left to go watch the Twolves smack around the Suns with buddies, but I enjoyed Apple TV broadcast. They have cool camera angles and outside of the on field reporter, the announcers were solid and seemed to have decent knowledge of the 3-22 white sox. Honestly, better than listening to Schriffen try to get us excited over a fly out that doesn’t make it to the warning track.
  19. Usually able to find videos of the full interview, but can’t find anything yet. If anyone sees one, please post. Thanks in advance.
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