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  1. Probably Nick Kurtz or Jac Caglianone who they'll get the 2024 draft. Sucks that it seems decently likely we'll end up with a 1B in the draft.
  2. I thought it was teams had 7 days (previously was 10 under previous CBA) to either trade a DFAd player before placing on waivers, and if no deal is found you then have to place player on waivers and if player is claimed your options are 1) work a trade; 2) allow the claiming team to have player or; 3) pull back and put back on your 40 man.
  3. Julks is actually somewhat interesting. Has big time power, has speed and is a decent OF. Still has two options left. Don't love giving up a lottery ticket for him, but happy to give him some reps down the line.
  4. Good riddance on Ortega. Guy never should have been here and was terrible. Was appalling watching Pedro attempt to use him as a defensive CF when he was brutal out there.
  5. Also, stays hot Chitownsports! Hope you’re doing threads for weeks.
  6. You can’t just send guys with his service time to the minors.
  7. Believe he took a swing to the hand several weeks back. Hasn’t played since. Is on 60 day and isn’t eligible to come off for a couple weeks anyway.
  8. in case anyone needed a reminder that Pedro is a moron
  9. Nor should they. Just let Quero stay in the minors.
  10. Robert will be back well before the middle of June. He'll on a rehab within 10 days.
  11. I know Colas hasn’t been good and I know the org is not a fan, but the obvious answer to an AV demotion (which prob won’t happen) is Sheets to 1B and Colas to RF.
  12. Hope Getz's press availability - if he has one - is better covered than the last one.
  13. I would say a 4/$70M deal would be fairly notable, at least for the Sox. Off the cuff, I believe that would be the 3rd largest guaranteed contract in White Sox history. Obvious its all relative with the Sox. Its probably pretty much set in stone that JR isn't going to spend that kind of $ on a pitcher, any the top of the FA class for position players is Soto, Bregman, Alonso (maybe Bellinger), and then a pretty stark drop off. I wouldn't be totally shocked if only 4-5 position players cleared that kind of money next offseason. I doubt the Sox will be one of the teams that make those signings.
  14. How can watching Martin Maldonado not bum you out? A toddler would only have 6 less hits. I am not unconvinced a middle of the road high school player would have similar offensive results.
  15. Still chuckling about the victory lap his biggest fan took here after a 2 hit game. He's been awful offensively, awful defensively, and the Sox pitching is bottom 5 in the league in pretty much every category. Tough to discern what exactly he is accomplishing. If he's such a great guy to have around, make him a coach. That said, Sox don't really have anyone else to plug in until Stassi returns from injury (and his 60 days are up end of month), so best case scenario we still have a few weeks of watching him look helpless.
  16. Fair enough - I don't see Robert moving this coming offseason. But I do think Getz will be more willing to listen. The Sox would be hard pressed not to make any notable signings this offseason, though. Their payroll could be sub $50M without signing anyone.
  17. Yes, but he does need a 26 man spot and Remillard is the obvious guy to go down. Suppose they could option him until the spot is needed, but point remains.
  18. I think Remy was the choice simply because he’s an easy DFA when Mendick comes back in a few days. Don’t really think you can demote Ramos just yet based on his SSS.
  19. I’d say Robert is fair game by next July and that’s a pretty significant asset to trade.
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