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  1. The problem is that the Sox are only targeting leftover players.
  2. The two new threads I wake up to are the Padres signing Bogaerts and the Sox Joey Gallo rumor thread. It’s fucking poetic.
  3. I'll certainly take consolation prizes at this point, but I don't know. I get the big picture angle if it's an overpay, but the Twins would still be adding a good player.
  4. How can you both believe in the talent and be open to significant change? As the kids say these days, tell me you don’t believe in the talent without telling me you don’t believe in the talent. Or is it, tell me you aren’t open to significant change without telling me you aren’t open to significant change. I suppose ultimately it’s tell me you don’t have a direction without telling me you don’t have a direction.
  5. Disappointment is already the overall vibe here. Expectations are incredibly low, even for Sox fan standards.
  6. The #Whitesox still seeking outfielder like Aaron Judge
  7. I'd imagine they have several more moves to make...
  8. Oh man, that can get you such a haul of relief pitchers.
  9. I wasn't implying that you didn't understand the phrase, I was implying that it's absurd to rely solely on pixie dust and luck over and over. We, well the majority of us anyway, didn't know at the time that this FO could/would fail at a rebuild, so it was time to try something different. Now we know.
  10. I mean, the lightning in a bottle phrase is literally referred to as such because it describes something that is extremely difficult or unlikely. Maybe the tank/rebuild was destined to fail because of the schmoes running the show, but they're the same schmoes that would have been running whatever the alternatives were.
  11. Curious what you think the other options were. Like actual options that JR would have signed off on.
  12. Easy - Trade for Salvy and put him out in LF on the days he’s not catching.
  13. And if you don’t take a shot, well, then you are the same old White Sox we all know. Cooked for the next decade anyway from a series of slow self-inflicted burns.
  14. The Rangers desperately needed a top of the rotation starter and they got the best one available. They are taking a chance and they are trying to win. Good for them.
  15. This is the kind of clearance rack shopping I think they're doing as well.
  16. This is what actually trying to win looks like.
  17. Aside from the obvious things, I’m also going to miss him randomly sprinting from first to the dugout on the third out of the inning.
  18. “There’s so much talent here, including half a dozen or so still-youngish players who should be part of the organization over the long haul. But when the Sox reached for the top, it’s almost like upper management decided that hanging out at Base Camp was pretty sweet, leaving no need to head for the summit.”
  19. Another huge difference is Houston’s ability to develop SP. The Cubs had to use a lot of their resources to buy pitching.
  20. I mean, that's how it is every year though. 2-3 top dogs and then a bunch of teams with a "Phillies-like shot."
  21. Just wanted to say I’ve enjoyed the back and forth of these last handful of posts. Every point and counterpoint is well thought out where I’ve found myself agreeing with both sides 🤷‍♂️
  22. And they just keep doing this sort of thing over and over. Surely Andrew Vaughn can step in and be an adequate outfielder. Surely Gavin Sheets can be our big left handed bat (and an adequate outfielder lolol). If it works out, they’re the smartest guys in the room (and they’ll be sure to let you know it). And if it doesn’t work out, there aren’t really any repercussions, at least not ones they seem to care much about.
  23. Relatedish…Twins new uniforms just dropped. Love the home whites, the rest are whatever
  24. Yup. They really gotta balance out the home and alternates a bit more.
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